Geometry Dash demons for beginners! (Guide) [BONUS]

Geometry Dash – All 20 FREE DEMONS
Geometry Dash – All 20 FREE DEMONS

Geometry Dash demons for beginners! (Guide) [BONUS]-[IMG=1VB] [CB]Geometry Dash demons for beginner's [CB] :star2: :large_blue_diamond: By Geo (Geocreep

Geometry Dash demons for beginner’s

:star2: :large_blue_diamond: By Geo (Geocreeper) :large_blue_diamond: :star2:

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Alright y’all, this is a bonus post for my ‘Geometry Dash for beginners’ post i did a while back, i did manage to cover “Everything” in Geometry dash, Of course except these types of levels are more difficult (go figure) than other levels in Geometry dash.

But unlike other levels, demon levels add up to your ‘demon count’ to your stats to either unlike goodies, icons and even some degree of bragging-rights to other players in this game.

Geometry Dash demons for beginners! (Guide) [BONUS]-[IMG=1VB] [CB]Geometry Dash demons for beginner's [CB] :star2: :large_blue_diamond: By Geo (Geocreep

Your account will have a demon count like i said earlier, which can tell players how many demon levels you either suffered through to beat it or have a breeze on beating these tough- cookies of levels.

So yeah these so called ‘Demon levels’ are more challenging or easier than most regular levels you see during the featured section, or mabye not. But anyways if you want some tips and tricks on either beating your first demon or have an easier time beating a demon you wanted to beat.

Here i have some tips, tricks and headsup for people who don’t know sh*t about this kind of stuff! 🙂

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Geometry Dash demons for beginners! (Guide) [BONUS]-[IMG=1VB] [CB]Geometry Dash demons for beginner's [CB] :star2: :large_blue_diamond: By Geo (Geocreep

Now Demon levels are priority Number#1 here in Geometry Dash, simply because these levels can affect on your skill as A PLAYER, since there are going to be levels that could potentially be more harder than Demons, kinda…

Now i do have three tips and techniques that could be mean the difference victory or defeat in any demon levels you could be playing, you know before you start raging on your computer either by getting annoyed by a particular demon’s gameplay or even visuals…

But let’s face it, you’re mostly annoyed at a demon level’s gameplay either it’s too annoying or mabye it’s too hard to even cope with your human brain.

Unless you want to end up like this guy… :T

Alright, fine i’ll tell you SOME of the tips and headsup i have in mind in order for you to tackle these levels in your Geometry Dash journey and potentially have an easier time to beat demons.

And let’s go on with this sh*t! 😀

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:star2: Priority #1 : Knowing your demon types :star2:

So, there are 2 two types of Demon levels that you will probably or most likely encounter :

* Memory Demons *

* Skill Demons *

Skill demons are really self-explanatory, all they do is to rely on your skill as a player, most of them either rely on ‘Timing’, ‘Heavy-Concentration’ and even potentially ‘Straight-Flying’ if you’re into that kinda stuff…

Now, Memory demons are pretty rare nowadays but you usually find them being old levels from past updates, usually Memory demons as the name-implies rely on Memory, and this where Practice is 1x more reliable than Skill demons.

Basically these levels are just kind of anywhere for you to beat, suffer and importantly feel accomplish once you beat your hardest demon! 😀

Geometry Dash demons for beginners! (Guide) [BONUS]-[IMG=1VB] [CB]Geometry Dash demons for beginner's [CB] :star2: :large_blue_diamond: By Geo (Geocreep

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:star2: Priority #2 : Advantage of using copyables :star2:

If you feel like your bored of the ‘practice mode’ music while practicing a level and do you want to experience the level with the real music, and pulses, don’t worry there is one thing that would ease your experience through a demon or various different levels.

That is getting a particular Copyable of a Demon level, now if there are Demon levels that you could potentially struggle, this is a massive help, now how you do this method is what i like to call

‘Start pos. Cheesing’

Geometry Dash demons for beginners! (Guide) [BONUS]-[IMG=1VB] [CB]Geometry Dash demons for beginner's [CB] :star2: :large_blue_diamond: By Geo (Geocreep

Cute but not what i mean’t…again

Basically this is a technique where you choose a part of a level, place a “Start. Pos’ of said part of a level and practice that particular part with the real music on and pulses finally work and yes that includes your wave pulse, if you think you’d find it useful. So if you’re tired of hearing the practice every 20 seconds when activating practice mode.

Or mabye it’s your jam…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:star2: Priority #3 : Take baby steps :star2:

Yes, it is very important to baby steps if you’re starting out beating demons, start from the easier demon levels and then build up that skill to one of the more challenging medium demons, and then later if you think you’re confident try beating some hard demons.

So if you want to beat some demon levels just to build up your skill even just a tiny bit, here is a list of quality demon levels for all of you GMD gamers if you know what’s good for you or them! |:/

= Death moon by Caustic =

= X by Triaxis =

= Problematic by Dhafin =

= The Nightmare by JAX =

= All of the Robtop demons =

=Platinum adventures by Jerry4Vietnam=

= Lonely travel by Funnygame =

= Jawbreaker by Zenthicalpha =

= Lightning road by Timeless =

= Toxin lab 2 by Xaro =

= Impact X by NiTro451 =

= Laser room by TrueNature =

= all of the Demon gauntlet levels =

= Fairydust by SuperPizzaLuigi =

= Decode by R3kedge =

= Fear me by CrispyDash =

= Buried angel by F3lixsram =

= System split by Picha =

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So i hope these demons could potentially build your skill up as a player, because most of these levels either rely on one game mode that you’re either struggling on, having troubles on how certain things work, or even improve your memory incase you want to tackle demons like Killbot, or even Doomsday levels…

Or even this…

So just a recap on what tips or “priorities” i gave out to you :

:star2: 1# : There are 2 types of demons you need to be aware of :star2:

:star2: 2# Use Copyables to practice a certain part of a level you could be struggling on :star2:

:star2: 3# TAKE BABY STEPS, don’t start off with the hardest level and hope for the best, you’re going to be discouraged immediently unless you’re EXTREMELY confident, just start off with the easiest then you’re gucci :star2:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s all folks, i hope you enjoy this bonus guide, again if you want to see more content from me, feel free to like, comment and follow me. I do hope this basics beginner’s guide will make your Geometry Dash experience a little more comfortable and easier 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

:star2: My Name is Geo, and i hope you have an awesome day! 🙂 :star2:

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