GD Tips: How To Get Better At The Wave


Hello GDA! ( ^ω^)/

Note: I’m not a pro at the wave and this is just ways that I’ve improved. Don’t get triggered pls ;-;

The wave is probably the hardest game mode in GD and so many people have trouble with it, including me. So I’ve come up with a couple of ideas on how to get better at the wave and how to practice with it! This will be really short but I thought I could help people. Enjoy!

GD Tips: How To Get Better At The Wave-[BC]Hello GDA! ( ^ω^)/ [C]Note: I'm not a pro at the wave and this is just ways that

One thing to do is get used to the different speeds for the wave. The wave is hard to master because touching anything kills you. Since if only has two directions it goes in you’ll want to get used to all of the speeds for it. One way to do this is to make a quick wave course for yourself and every couple times you clear it, speed it up or buff it. This will help you improve because you get used to waving around in Tight spaces. Other things you could do if you were practicing a level is you could create an extra copy of the level and nerf the wave parts, then once you can do that, do the regular parts. One thing to note is that you should keep your eyes on or somewhere around the wave. Looking off at different bits of the screen can kill you easily.

And that’s it for this blog! If you have any questions, ideas for other blogs, or if you want to request a level for me to play, then comment below! Remember to like as well, it’s appreciated. Bye! ( ^ω^)/


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