Editable Postulates, Corollaries, & Theorems List – High School Geometry Proofs

Geometry: Beginning Proofs (Level 1 of 3) | Algebra Proofs, Geometric Proofs
Geometry: Beginning Proofs (Level 1 of 3) | Algebra Proofs, Geometric Proofs

Editable Postulates, Corollaries, & Theorems List – High School Geometry Proofs

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This fully editable 21 page resource includes the 122 Theorems, Postulates, & Corollaries that are used in a High School Geometry classroom. Most Theorems/Postulates/Corollaries have a diagram that goes with to help students better understand the concept.

Now Fully Editable! After many requests an editable version is now included. To edit the list all you need is Microsoft PowerPoint. A non-editable PDF version is also included.

Important Information

  • This list was compiled from 5 different Theorem/Postulate/Corollary Lists. It is designed to be a universal all-encompassing list.
  • All High School Geometry Theorems/Postulates/Corollaries are included.
  • Every Theorem, Postulate, and Corollary in this list has a name.
    • Examples:
      • “Parallelogram Opposite Angles Theorem”
      • “External Tangent Congruence Theorem”
      • “Angle Addition Postulate”
      • “Right Triangle Similarity Theorem”
  • Examples:
  • Only Theorems, Postulates, & Corollaries are included.
  • Things that are not included: Properties & Common Statements/Abbreviations.

How It’s Organized

Each page has a heading.

The heading describes what type of Theorems/Postulates/Corollaries are included on that page.

Some headings cover multiple pages.

  • Segments & Angles
  • Points, Lines, & Planes
  • Angle Relationships
  • Parallel Lines Cut By a Transversal
  • Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
  • Congruent Triangles
  • Relationships in Triangles
  • Polygons
  • Parallelograms
  • Rectangles, Rhombi, & Squares
  • Trapezoids & Kites
  • Similarity & Proportions
  • Right Triangles & Trigonometry
  • Circles

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