Drawing and Art Expression with Sacred Geometry

How to Draw Sacred Geometry: Step by Step Guide [PDF]
How to Draw Sacred Geometry: Step by Step Guide [PDF]

We will work with Symbolic Geometry which creates visual metaphors to illustrate ideas such as…
“who are we?”
“where are we?”
and “where are we going?”
We will explore how this appears in the arts, crafts and architecture.

This hands-on, interactive class shows how alive these traditions are in our own time.

Karl Lorenzen and John Lloyd will be teaching a hands-on class on the number 12. The symbolism of the number 12 and the geometric expression of these ideas are an opportunity to explore many different kinds of symmetry, the possibility of reconciling different kinds of patterns and shapes, and creating a model for community and the emerging possibility to create enchantment on Earth. This number shows up in many spiritual and mythical traditions such as the 12 tribes, disciples, knights, and so on. In the world of the marketplace it is a most useful number, which can divide into halves, thirds, quarters and sixths.

We will draw and construct the many ways that the geometric form of 12 is used for symbolism in Rose windows, the image of the heart chakra, in Islamic patterns and in the cube octahedron, which expresses these ideas in 3 dimensional form.

Topics include:

  • The Western mystery traditions in Gothic Architecture including the rose window of Chartres Cathedral
  • Yantras and Mandalas from Tibet and beyond showing us how to invite the sacred into our lives;
  • The symbolic geometry that guides the alignment of Stonehenge, Newgrange, and Celtic knotwork and spirals found on ceremonial objects and manuscripts;
  • The mystical geometry in Islamic Art which creates the garden of paradise using patterns that illustrate flowing water, flowers, and the star grid of the night sky.
  • Geometry and Symbolism of the number 12

Geometry and symbolism of number 12

The number 12 gives us a chance to expand our metaphoric imagination to see a wholeness that includes many different kinds of symmetries and relationships between patterns. We are used to seeing symmetry as 2, a polarity of opposition, right or wrong, a symmetry of 3 could be thought of as a cycle, a beginning, a middle and an end, and the symmetry of 4 could be two overlapping symmetries which double the options for forming an opinion. With the geometric forms of 12 we work with all these ideas and to expand our metaphoric imagination to see a wholeness that encompasses these relationships into a more universal vision. A circle divided into 12 can generate patterns based on hexagons, squares, and triangles and create many forms which emerge from the combinations of these shapes. Twelveness could be a way to to communicate the possibility of evoking the vision of heaven on earth, of harmonious inclusive communities with the the many different patterns created by 12 as renderings of many different kinds beings.

in this class we will draw one of the rose windows at Chartres Cathedral which is a cultural expression of a universal mythology that was believed at the time of its construction with 12 representing the 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 disciples, the 12 astrological signs and the 12 months of the year each having its own appropriate role in the cycle of the year. The rose window could be seen as an adornment and sign of a sacred sanctuary and it is an echo of the form of Stonehenge and other sanctuaries around the world. Anatomically the rose window can be seen as the heart of the esoteric body of the cathedral, in the Vedic tradition the heart is seen as an 12 petaled lotus and spiritual and cultural progress is seen as an flowering or opening of the heart.

We will also work with a pattern from the Islamic tradition in which the geometry of 3, 4 and 6 are brought together to express the higher unity of these numbers in 12. After we learn to draw this pattern we will construct a group pattern in which the form of the 12 is expanded into an interlocking all over pattern. We hope to have this lead to an opportunity for everyone to discuss their own insights into the symbolism of 12. Some aspects of the number 12 could be considered such as why does the market place traditionally use dozens and why are there 12 members in a jury.

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