Discovering Farm Life Novice-Mid French IPA Pack Download

DELF A1 Production orale – French Speaking Exam Practice Preparation for Beginners
DELF A1 Production orale – French Speaking Exam Practice Preparation for Beginners


Découvertes de la vie à la ferme et de la nature Novice/Mid French IPA Pack Download

This IPA (Integrated Performance Assessment) pack is based on two authentic resources: a short article and a 7-minute video about a French couple who made the decision to live on a farm and share the benefits of this unique experience with children in 100% French.

The pack includes step-by-step instructions, and reading and listening comprehension activities that follow the ACTFL model. Complete with an explanation of an IPA and how to use it, and nine Interpretive Tasks that break down the content, increase recognition of key words and phrases, develop context awareness, and promote language usage. In addition, it provides creative options for writing and/or speaking Interpersonal and Presentational Tasks, answer keys, and novice-level rubrics.

French: Novice Level

Global Theme: Contemporary Life; Families and Communities

Topics: Country Life, Farm Animals, French Countryside Activities

Essential Questions:

  • What can children discover when visiting a French farm?
  • Why is the countryside a good destination for vacation?
  • What makes campsites an ideal location to experience nature and country life?
  • What are the benefits of living on a farm or staying in the French countryside?

Suggested Grammar “Pop-up” Lessons:

  • present tense
  • future tense
  • near future
  • past tense
  • indirect/direct object pronouns
  • question words

Instant download delivery only. 23-page PDF (IPA), article, and 7-minute MP4 video file. ©2016. French. Novice level.

Download your free interpretive task sample and teacher notes preview located in “Additional Info.”

1B4930DL Farm Life INT IPA Teacher Notes Preview


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