Destiny 2 Epochal Integration: How to get & complete Parting the Veil

Bungie Created Another Master Piece (Epochal Integration) 😍
Bungie Created Another Master Piece (Epochal Integration) 😍

Destiny 2 Epochal Integration: How to get & complete Parting the Veil

Destiny 2 Epochal Integration: How to get & complete Parting the Veil

Destiny 2 Epochal Integration is a hand cannon that players have had their eyes on since it was teased during a Lightfall trailer. Destiny 2 has moved forward into Season of the Deep and finally, the weapon can be acquired.

Epochal Integration is a reward for completing the Parting the Veil quest, along with the brand new Strand Aspects added to the game. Here is how to complete Parting the Veil and get the Destiny 2 Epochal Integration hand canon.

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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration: Starting the quest

In Maya's Retreat during the Epochal Integration quest

When you log into Destiny 2 after the launch of Season of the Deep, you will be presented with several options. The main story involves travelling to Titan and helping Sloane, but you also receive another quest called Parting the Veil.

The first step of the quest is to go to Neomuna and speak with Nimbus. They will tell you to defeat some Shadow Legion Cabal and collect 10 Vex data fragments. They are most easily found in Ahimsa Park but can be found all around Neomuna.

Once you have the Vex data, your next destination is Maya’s Retreat. To get there, head to Liming Harbour and take the exit in the cliffs on the eastern side of the area. Follow the path across the bridge and up into the cliff to find a purple Vex Conflux.

One of the Vex Confluxes you need to interact with during the Epochal Integration quest

There are three invulnerable Harpies around the Conflux that you need to defeat. First, you must defeat waves of enemies until each Harpie becomes vulnerable. Once all enemies are dealt with, interact with the Conflux.

You will be sent to Irkalla Complex next, but the game does not do a great job of explaining where to go. If you have completed the Lightfall campaign, then you will know this place as the Veil facility. You can reach it by heading to Zephyr Concourse, leaving through the western exit, and following the path to the left to reach Irkalla Complex.

There is another Conflux here, so repeat the steps from the previous Conflux to complete this one. Once done, a flag will appear by the entrance to the Veil facility which you can use to begin the Part the Veil mission.

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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration: Part the Veil mission

The flag at which you start the Parting the Veil mission

The final major step of the quest is to complete the Part the Veil mission. This mission has you return to the Veil facility and make your way back to the place where Calus was defeated. After you interact with a computer terminal, the Taken will begin to invade the facility, along with a particularly strong Tormentor.

Make your way into the Veil chamber and you will come to face to face with the Imprint of Nezarec, a boss Tormentor, and a huge wave of Taken enemies. This fight can be really tricky, as the Tormentor and the many Taken Phalanx are liable to send you flying at a moment’s notice- not great when you are in a small arena with instant-death drops all around it.

The Tormentor has weak points on both shoulders, and once it is broken it will become much more aggressive. Your best bet is to take the Tormentor down as quickly as you can. Use your regular weapons on its shoulders, then hit it with your super and your heavy weapons to burn it down.

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Destiny 2 Epochal Integration: Completing the quest

Receiving the Epochal Integration at the Pouka Pond

When the Tormentor is down and the mission is done, you will be transported back to the Hall of Heroes. Interact with the Pouka Pond to complete the quest, receive your third Strand Aspect, and get your hands on the Epochal Integration.

The weapon comes as a full masterwork, so you have no need to update it. It has many perk options, including Harmonic Resonance which links it to the weapons from the Root of Nightmares raid.

That is everything you need to do to get your hands on the Destiny 2 Epochal Integration hand canon, as well as your third Strand Aspect. For more on the game, check out our list of Destiny 2 promo codes for some free shaders and emblems.

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