RobTop Featured THIS Level (WTF??) | Geometry Dash
RobTop Featured THIS Level (WTF??) | Geometry Dash

Danke (formerly DankTheory) is a Canadian level creator and Moderator in Geometry Dash. He is mostly known for formerly moderating popular Geometry Dash Discord servers such as the official Geometry Dash Discord server and the Viprin + Paste Discord server, along with the r/geometrydash subreddit. He is also known for creating levels of various styles and difficulties and being the leader of the legendary, notorious, and world renowned creating group and discord server Ayup.


Unrated levels[]

  • Fingerblind – Fingerdash by RobTop, but with the original song replaced with Colorblind by PandaEyes.
  • RobTop Training – His oldest uploaded level that still remains on the servers, although it is not his first level that he ever uploaded.

Hard levels[]

  • acrobat (featured) – A simplistic art level centered around the player running through a crystal cave.

Harder levels[]

  • BAKI (starred) – An art/design level. It is his first-ever rated level.
  • Deficient (featured) – A design collaboration with Balli, Cirtrax, Braikmain, and SpKale.
  • Downpour (featured) – A collaboration with Balli. It is themed around rain and storms.
  • Powerpoint (featured) – A flashy colorful design level.
  • Premiere (epic) – A colorful simplistic art/design level centered around a cheering crowd and spotlights.

Demon levels[]

Easy Demons[]

  • DISCO BLITZ (epic) – His first and currently only Easy Demon created.

Hard Demons[]

  • Different Descent (featured) – A nerfed and redecorated version of the popular Extreme Demon mega-collaboration, Digital Descent.


  • His first-rated level was BAKI which was star-rated.
  • He used to own a GDPS but closed it down due to wanting to do real GD projects.
  • He used to be very active in the subreddit ‘r/geometrydash’.
  • He got promoted to sub-mod in r/geometrydash along with getting admin in the discord server for the subreddit.
  • He became extremely active in ‘Ye Olde Mod Pub’ which later turned into the official GD discord server.
  • He became a staff member in the official GD discord server and eventually head staff.
  • His in-game name used to be ‘DankTheory’ but he shortened it down to ‘Danke’.
  • He got promoted to GD Mod on November 10, 2019 and later promoted to Elder Mod on February 28, 2020.
  • He got demoted from Elder Mod on November 1st, 2021 and remains as a GD Mod

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