Cult Of The Lamb’s Twitch Integration Lets Viewers Join The Fun

I Made my Viewers Join a Cult and Then I Sacrificed Them – Cult of the Lamb
I Made my Viewers Join a Cult and Then I Sacrificed Them – Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is a strange new indie game that has found a great way to let Twitch streamers involve their viewers. The adorable-looking but dark game of strategy and roguelike action is already proving popular with gamers, with over 1 million players on Steam alone. However, developer Massive Monster has also included a brilliant way to encourage Twitch streamers to play its game.

Cult of the Lamb is cute but creepy in the best possible way as players hack their way through enemies in this dungeon-like adventure. Players control a lamb who, at the start of the game, is saved from being sacrificed by a strange imprisoned entity known as The One Who Waits. Given powerful abilities by their savior, the players must amass a cult in their name and defeat the four Bishops of the Old Faith to free The One Who Waits from their chains.

The gameplay is a mixture of management and combat, along with little side activities such as fishing to gather food for the cult. At the player’s home base, they and their followers will gather resources to build and upgrade the cult, which will unlock more doctrines and rituals for the cultists. Cult of the Lamb features roguelike combat that’s simple to pick up but provides enough of a challenge to still be fun as players fight through dungeon-like areas for greater and greater rewards.

Have Viewers Become Followers In Cult Of The Lamb

One of the many fun aspects of Cult of the Lamb is building up a cult and customizing followers, and Massive Monster has given streamers a way to make that even more enjoyable for themselves and their viewers. By using Twitch integration, Cult of the Lamb can allow Twitch streamers to involve their viewers in their cult. Streamers must be affiliates or partners and find the “Companion of the Lamb” Twitch extension, created by Streaming Toolsmith, and connect their game to their Twitch account.

The extension gives streamers the ability to run a raffle every time a new faithful follower joins the Cult of the Lamb. A pop-up will appear on viewer’s screens to give them one entry and a chance to be the next cultist. The length of time the raffle runs for is determined by the streamer, which allows them to take into account viewer numbers and chat participation.

When the raffle ends, a viewer is chosen at random to join the cult. Various cute critters, different colors, and details are available for them to customize their animal follower. Viewers will then see the little cultist run around with their Twitch username above their head as they worship, gather resources, or get sent on missions.

Another extension feature allows viewers to earn stream points and contribute to the cult totem. This totem will grant the Cult of the Lamb streamer devotion, which can be spent on upgrades for the cult. A further feature of the extension will allow viewers to help or hinder the player aspects of gameplay via a vote; however, that is currently disabled.

These neat little touches have already made Cult of the Lamb popular with Twitch streamers, as the game has over 29K followers on Twitch at the time of writing. Perhaps more interactions could be added in the future, such as adding or even taking from the cult resources or aiding in crusades. For now, however, Cult of the Lamb has found the perfect balance between gameplay and interactivity by using this integration.

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