Cult of the Lamb – How to unlock all Follower Forms

TIME TO START A NEW CULT – Cult of the Lamb #1 [Twitch Integration]
TIME TO START A NEW CULT – Cult of the Lamb #1 [Twitch Integration]

With over 50 unique follower forms in Cult of the Lamb, many players aim to unlock them all. Follower forms are unlocked in various ways including exploration, DLC, twitch exclusive skins, and more.

Keep in mind that follower forms are purely cosmetic and offer no in-game advantage.

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While there are a lot of follower forms, you can easily find the one you’re looking for by using the Ctrl + F hotkey. Then, start typing the name of the form you’re interested in and you’re all set.

In this guide, we’ll go through all follower forms in Cul of the Lamb and how to get them.


There are forms that can be either found anywhere randomly or require specific tasks and mini-quests.

  • Armadillo, Pig, Cat, Deer, Fox, Red Panda, Dog, Unicorn – Available as random drops anywhere
  • Axolotl – Fix the lighthouse at Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Poop – Feed followers 20 poop bowls
  • Fish – Received randomly when fishing
  • Rat – Investigate behind Ratau’s Lonely Shack
  • Starfish – Investigate gold piles at Miadas’ Cave sacrifice spot
  • Wolf – Complete the wolf’s night-time quest
  • Snail – Find 5 snail pieces and offer them to their respective shrines
  • Massive Monster – Fight and defeat Rakshasa to unlock the Massive Monster statue. Then, pray at this statue to unlock the Massive Monster form.
  • Crab – Catch the crab at the dock in Smuggler’s Cove

DLC, Twitch Integration, and Special

Some follower forms are available only via DLC, by linking your twitch account as a streamer, and via pre-ordering the game.

  • Aardvark, Narwhal, Bee, Turtle, Monkey – Only available by buying DLC
  • Frankerz, Pog Champ, Purple Rat, Ralpherz, Pink Lynx – Only available via Twitch integration
  • Cthulhu – Available by pre-ordering the game

Dungeon Specific Follower Forms

Some follower forms can be gained by exploring specific instances. Some are gained by defeating specific bosses, while others by exploring specific dungeons.

Follower Forms dropped from Bosses

  • Amdusias, Agares, Barbatos, Valefor – Defeat bosses in Darkwood
  • Bathin, Gusion, Eligos, Zephar – Defeat bosses in Anura
  • Astoroth, Baalzebub, Haborym, Saleos – Defeat bosses in Anchordeep
  • Allocer, Focalor, Haurus, Vephar – Defeat bosses in Silk Cradle

Follower Forms from exploration in specific Dungeons

  • Horse, Rabbit, Hedgehog, Cow, Stag – Exploring in Darkwood
  • Giraffe, Coyote, Capybara, Bison, Frog – Exploring in Anura
  • Seahorse, Hippo, Alligator, Elephant, Otter – Exploring in Anchordeep
  • Bat, Bear, Centipede – Exploring in Silk Cradle


And that’s all the follower forms in Cult of the Lamb and how to unlock them. Don’t forget to use Ctrl + F to search for the specific follower form you’re looking for.

Now that you’ve found how to unlock your favorite form, consider checking our article on some of the coolest and funniest name suggestions for your cult.

Which follower form is your favorite? Have you unlocked it or is it a random drop and you’re hoping to get lucky? Let us know in the comments below.

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