Cookie Clicker

Playing cookie clicker with frictionless scroll wheel Pt1
Playing cookie clicker with frictionless scroll wheel Pt1

Cookie Clicker is a cookie making game created by French programmer Julien “Orteil” Thiennot. Start making cake and design it according to your ideas.

The gameplay is quite simple, you just need to click to make cookies, followed by buying more fuel to decorate your cookies more attractive. Try to finish well to unlock other fascinating levels. This game is quite user-friendly, you can play it on any device like computer or mobile phone.

Cookies can be acquired and used to pay for improved goods. Some enhancements raise clickthrough rates. Others assist you in baking cookies automatically, which permanently increases the rate of baking cookies.

The game was created in one evening, uploaded as a link on 4chan, and within hours it had attracted 50,000 players. Almost 200,000 gamers per day were playing the game a month after its first release. In a later article, Orteil said that in August 2013, traffic had reached a height of 1.5 million clicks in a single day. By January 2014, Cookie Clicker was still receiving a consistent 225,000 hits per day. After its initial release, the game has received numerous upgrades, most notably the “legacy” update in February 2016 and the “spiritual” update in July 2017. After much waiting, Cookie Clicker’s mobile beta for Android smartphones was finally made available on August 8th, 2019.

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