Chests Storage

How to get the Master Emblem (Geometry Dash)
How to get the Master Emblem (Geometry Dash)

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Chests Storage is a unusual shop, based on the game’s daily rewards game mechanic. The shopkeeper is called Chest Supplier.

Golden Demon Key

Golden Demon Key

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Obtaining method[]

To open Chests Storage you must find a Golden Demon Key inside in a daily rewards chests. The chance for getting a key in a wooden chest is around the 2-5%, and in the bonus chest is 5-8%. Also, getting all stuff from “Free Stuff” section (with RobTop media) will encrease the drop chance for 2%. After getting the key the dialogue with Chest Supplier starts.

After the dialogue you will automatically get to the Chest Storage. To get in there again, open the Daily Rewards and tap a little open lock the head left corner.


Lock Open

The open lock


Chests Storage

The storage itself

In chest storage you can find only two products – wooden and bonus chests, the same as you can get in daily rewards. The chests content don’t changed. Also, unlike The Treasure Room chests here is unlimited.Buying any chest increases the time until you receive the next daily chest for 10 minutes.

Wooden chest cost only one key, and can contain 20-50 orbs, 1-4 diamonds, 1 shards of power and 1 demon key.

Bonus chest cost 3 keys, and can contain 100-475 orbs, 5-10 diamonds, 1-2 shards of power and 1 demon key.

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