Chapter 2 A.P. Human Geography.

Map Projections \u0026 Types of Maps [AP Human Geography Review: Unit 1 Topic 1]
Map Projections \u0026 Types of Maps [AP Human Geography Review: Unit 1 Topic 1]

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Chapter 2 A.P. Human Geography

Who Am I?! Thomas Malthus Theory on population growth vs. ability to grow food. Linear food growth vs. exponential population growth Did not account for changes in food production- industrial revolution

Population Concentrations
Arithmetic Density: # of people/ square miles within a nation Physiological density: # of people/arable land Concentration- climate/water Dense : trade/ability to grow food (megalopolis) Sparse: bad weather, difficult to grow food, lack of natural resources

World Population Distribution and Density
East Asia – ¼ of world population here South Asia – bound by the Himalayas and a desert in Pakistan Europe – population is concentrated in cities North America – megalopolis

Doubling time has decreased over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Slowly began to increase again after reaching 6 billion

Population Vocabulary
Crude Birth Rate: # of births/1000 ppl in the population Low life expectancy, high child/infant mortality rates, attempting to replace the population Crude Death Rate: # of deaths/1000 ppl in the population Availability to medicine/sanitation Births – Deaths= Natural Rate of Increase Replacement Rate: 2.1- # of children that need to be born per woman in order to replace the population. Many developed countries are below this rate. Italy =0.8 Rely on immigration to make up for the difference in the replacement rate

The Demographic Transition
Stage 1: Low Growth (Pre-Industrial Revolution) Stage 2: High Growth (Early 1700s) Stage 3: Moderate Growth (First half of 1900s) Stage 4: Low Growth or Stationary

Population Pyramids – Charts that show the percentages of each age group in the total population, divided by gender.

Governments and Population Policies
Expansive :tax Credits/incentives Eugenic: “cleansing” based on ethnicity, superiority Restrictive: One Child Policy

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