Blast Processing v2


Not to be confused with Blast Processing V2 by Findexi.

Blast Processing v2
Level Information
Creator Neptune
Stars 8
Level ID 2899139
Composer Waterflame
Song Blast Processing
Newgrounds ID Official

Blast Processing v2 is a 1.9 Insane 8* level created by Neptune. As its name suggests, it is a harder version of Blast Processing.


Neptune created this as the sequel to Blast Processing. He soon made a preview showing progress on the level, hyping people in the process.[1] The level was verified on November 13, 2014. Neptune then made a video beating the level, and it has gotten more than 930,000 views.[2] It eventually got rated, and many people started playing the level.


The level starts off as a cube section with jumping over large gears, followed by some easy timings leading to the wave part. Then the player goes into the wave part with decently tight difficulty, leading to a ship part containing decently hard gameplay with tight spikes and gears. Following is another easier wave part followed by some hard dual wave sections which are a little bit confusing then leading to being singular and then a mini-wave for a second.

This is followed by a moderately hard cube section with some memory and difficult gear jumping, ending with two triple spike jumps. Followed is a UFO part with Neptune’s icon in the first half and looking more like the original. The next part is a ship part that is a fair bit tight. Next is a simple ball part with a decent amount of orb hitting. Then there is a UFO part with slopes containing gears, with a ship part that is awkward to pass. Then there is a cube section that is similar to the original level’s one except for the Neptune Icon, and the level ends with a memory part counting up to 9, ending with the words, “YOU WIN” in 1.8 decoration.


  • The level cannot be copied.
  • The level contains 13,384 objects.
  • This is Neptune’s most popular video on his YouTube channel.
  • There is another level named Blast Processing V2, by Findexi.
  • It is Neptune’s last non-Demon level.


Blast Processing v2

The verification of Blast Processing v2. Credits to Neptune.

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