AVAILABLE NOW / ON DEMAND: Sacred Geometry, Reclaiming The Lost Art & Science of The Ancients. 10 Hrs. of Sacred Teachings That Can Change Your Life!

Randall Carlson’s Ancient Catastrophe (Full Documentary)
Randall Carlson’s Ancient Catastrophe (Full Documentary)

AVAILABLE NOW / ON DEMAND: Sacred Geometry, Reclaiming The Lost Art & Science of The Ancients. 10 Hrs. of Sacred Teachings That Can Change Your Life!


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Reclaiming The Lost Art & Science of Sacred Geometry
A Special, ON DEMAND Workshop with Randall Carlson

Filmed In Front Of A LIVE Audience
Available Now As Video On Demand.


Randall has introduced thousands of people to the methods, symbolism, philosophy, and mysteries of Sacred Geometry through his lectures, classes and workshops for over four decades. If you have wondered what defines “Sacred Geometry” – what it is and what it means – this comprehensive workshop will provide the key that permits you to unlock the door of the Ancient Temple, allowing you to glimpse a magnificent kingdom of beauty, harmony and cosmic intelligence. The journey begins with a point and a line. Download the workshop now, right here on howtube Video On Demand. At your own pace, and from the comfort of your own home – enjoy this learning experience of a lifetime.


You can start right now, and after you complete the checkout process you will find your content here:

MAKE SURE YOU’RE LOGGED IN: Then go to ACCOUNT / My Video Purchases.

HANDOUTS: During LIVE events, Randall provides “printed handouts” as support material for all workshop attendees, which you can download after your purchase. A download button is available on every video page, accessible only after your purchase.

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» Field Trip To The Nashville Replica of The Greek Parthenon

In addition to your 10 hour workshop with Randall, you will also receive bonus footage of the field trip to the only full scale replica in the world of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. At the end of our second day, Randall will lead a tour of the Parthenon showing the principles of SACRED GEOMETRY in use. As a bonus, you will receive video footage of this field trip, included in this purchase.


This introductory workshop with Randall instructs the student in the basic methods of Sacred Geometry as taught in the classical tradition using only straight edge and compasses for drawing arcs and circles. With this knowledge, and these instruments, the methods of great artists and the Master Builders of old can be reproduced and easily applied to your work and life. Instruction starts with the basics and no special knowledge of math or geometry is required. All geometric operations that can be performed on paper using these two simple drawing tools can be replicated in the field using a staff and a “line stretched upon it.” The knowledge obtained will provide you with powerful tools that you can use in your creative work. We hope you join us.


  • DAY ONE / SESSION ONE: Introductory Workshop To Sacred Geometry w/ Randall Carlson
    • In the opening session, Randall provides the necessary context for the entire workshop, blending a perfect combination of historical reference and practical applications with the first set of drawing exercises you’ll be doing throughout this workshop
  • DAY ONE / SESSION TWO: Introductory Workshop To Sacred Geometry w/ Randall Carlson
    • In session two, Randall briefly provides more historical reference and then dives right back into the drawing exercises; taking you deeper into foundation of Sacred Geometry.
    • Inspired by the live audience, Randall delivers an inspiring speech on the esoteric side of Sacred Geometry. Simply mind blowing!
  • DAY TWO / SESSION ONE: Advancing The Drawing Exercises
    • Randall takes a DEEP dive into the next level drawing exercises without delay! Get ready!!!
  • DAY TWO / BONUS MATERIAL: The Field Trip And More
    • Enjoy a good look inside Nashville’s Parthenon to see the Sacred Geometry principals applied at full scale. There is also a few other enjoyable surprises in this bonus footage.


Hello and greetings my friends and to all fellow seekers of knowledge. As a designer and builder by trade, I have always emphasized the practical applications of Sacred Geometry. Over four decades of teaching the subject has given me ample time to reflect on the most effective approach to instruction with a goal of attaining optimum comprehension and utilization of the system for our time. While the emphasis in my classes is on practical applications, the deeper philosophical, symbolical and metaphysical dimensions are what distinguishes Sacred Geometry from its more widely known Euclidean counterpart, so this aspect is not neglected. I therefore invite all artists, architects, builders, designers, craftspeople, homeschool educators, students, philosophers, metaphysicians or any creative, curious people in general, to join me for this very special workshop filmed in front of a LIVE audience . The insight you will obtain is sure to open your mind to new possibilities inherent in a long-overlooked system that you can employ to great benefit in your own creative work.

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