Arithmetic Sequence Worksheets

Arithmetic Sequences and Arithmetic Series – Basic Introduction
Arithmetic Sequences and Arithmetic Series – Basic Introduction

Arithmetic Sequence Worksheets

That our free, printable arithmetic sequence worksheets cover everything from basic to advanced makes them an across-the-board resource, requiring children to do little extra practice. Students will work their way through finite and infinite arithmetic sequences determining the first term, common difference, nth term or general term, number of terms, a specific term, the next three consecutive terms, and a lot more. They also key into the explicit and recursive formulas and get the hang of devising them for a sequence of rational and irrational numbers.

These pdf arithmetic sequences worksheets are appropriate for 8th grade and high school students.


Identifying Arithmetic Sequences | Worksheet #1

How do you identify if a sequence is arithmetic or not? Well, stick to this one rule to a tee – there’s a constant difference between the two consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence – and you are all set to take up this printable task.

Identifying Arithmetic Sequences | Worksheet #2

When the sequences involve square roots, decimals, and fractions, it might take some time to check whether the successive terms have equal differences. But, stay determined and prove your champion-mathematician credentials!

First Term and Common Difference of an Arithmetic Sequence

Each free, pdf arithmetic sequence worksheet for grade 8 and high school contains 10 sequences that involve rational and irrational numbers. Spotting the first term and common difference is going to be an easy-peasy task for the go-getters!

Explicit Formulas for Arithmetic Sequences

An explicit formula defines the general term or the nth term of the sequence. You can derive all the terms of the sequence by plugging-in the positions 1, 2, 3, … for n. Jump-start the real arithmetic sequences prepping here.

Missing Terms of an Arithmetic Sequence

If −9, −28, −47,… is an arithmetic sequence, what will be its three subsequent terms? Determine the common difference and utilize it to arrive at the next three terms, which in this case are −66, −85, and −104.

Recursive Formulas for Arithmetic Sequences

Wonder what differentiates between the explicit and recursive formulas? Well, recursion means repetition in general. Here, you use the earlier terms to figure out the successive terms of the sequence. Tap into practice!

Number of Terms in a Finite Arithmetic Sequence

If the last term of the arithmetic sequence is given, can you tell which term it is or how many terms the sequence has? Get to know the formula up-close and apply it to your heart’s content as you whip through these exercises.

Arithmetic Sequence Word Problems

Word problems are your perfect go-to tool when practice gets the better of you! If you’re clued in on the first three terms of a sequence, can you determine the next three? Plunge in now and prove your mettle!

Finding the Missing Parameter of an Arithmetic Sequence | Worksheet #1

Expect questions on the common difference, nth term, number of terms, last term, next consecutive term, and more. So, you’ll have to buckle down soon if you want to complete this free, printable arithmetic sequences worksheet.

Finding the Missing Parameter of an Arithmetic Sequence | Worksheet #2

Bear in mind that the questions always have the details required to answer them. All you need to do is discover the way to solving them. Grade 8 and high school students will have turned into full-time sequence wizards after this pdf task!

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