AP Calculus BC timeline.


AP Calculus BC

By emilyatayurt

  • Integrals

    When doing parts, I forgot how to decide u and v. During the weekend I reviewed the subject and remembered what LIPET stood for. I also struggled on the Mean Value Theorem question from the homework (yellow paper#8).

  • slope fields, separation of variables and growth models

    Today we review slope fields, separation of variables and growth models. Slope fields are easy, but remembering specific growth models such as the logistic model was kind of difficult at first. After the review, I feel more confident with growth models.

  • Series and Sequences

    Today we reviewed series and sequences. Since there are a lot of tests for determining convergence or divergence, it is very important to identify the test by looking at the question or else, it makes the question more complicated than it has to be. The chart helps a lot.

  • Taylor and Maclaurin Power Series

    Today we reviewed power series. I realized that I need I forgot the power series for sinx cosx and such basic ones we had learned previously. After trying to work on the homework(pink paper), I need to review this topic.

  • Partner Work

    Today we did partner work. I thought it was helpful because me and my partner completed each other. Annamarie was also better at writing the explanation sentences so it was a good review for me.

  • Partner Work Day 2

    My partner, Annemarie, was absent thus I had to do all of the multiple choice on my own. For some questions, I thought I could use some help, but I had to figure it out on my own.

  • Partner Work

    I was absent because I was taking care of my college stuff. I will see what Annamarie worked on on 5/2/2012 7:15 am.

  • Partner Work

    Today we worked on the calculator part of the multiple choice with my partner. We couldn’t remember the equation for LaGrange Error bound, but I think we figured it out together.

  • Advanced Integration

    Today we reviewed L’Hopital Rule and Advanced Integration Techniques. I didn’t remember how to do the tabular method so it was a helpful class. I feel like we could do a couple of examples with trig stuff.

  • Disk, Washer and Shell

    Today we reviewed disk, washer and shell methods. As long as I remember the equation, I feel confident. After I finish the homework, I will know better.

  • Review of everything we’ve done so far.

    Me and my partner Annamarie got a 72/108 overall which is equivalent to a 5 although it is a pretty low 5. For homework, I will look over my mistakes from individual homeworks to see which subjects I have to review.

  • LaGrange Review

    We reviewed LaGrange for the last time although it wasn’t on the AP, but still it was good review.

  • Computer Science AP

    Today I had my APCS exam.

  • AP Calc BC Exam

    I will be wearing this shirt. PS: The AP was actually really easy.

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