Angles: Two Geometry Crossword Math Puzzles Featuring 20 Words Related to Angles

Maths Cross Word Puzzle
Maths Cross Word Puzzle

Angles: Two Geometry Crossword Math Puzzles Featuring 20 Words Related to Angles

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  1. This geometry crossword math bundle contains seven different crossword puzzles that emphasize geometric vocabulary. Included are two math crosswords about circles, two that highlight polygons (quadrilaterals and triangles), two about angles and one with an emphasis on lines, points, and angles. ThisPrice $8.30Original Price $10.20Save $1.90


This set of two angle crossword puzzles features 20 geometric terms associate with angles. The words showcased in both math puzzles are ray, acute, right, obtuse, reflex, vertex, degrees, adjacent, straight, vertical, protractor, complimentary and supplementary. Please note: some of the words are used more than once.

The purpose of these puzzles is to have students practice, review, recognize and use correct geometric vocabulary. Both are free-form math crossword puzzles with the 20 clues written in the form of definitions. The first puzzle is more of a challenge as it does not contain a word bank while the second puzzle is easier because a word bank is provided. Since both puzzles are laid out differently, one can be used as a review and the second one as a homework assignment or quiz. A puzzle solution is included for each puzzle.

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