And then the craziness kicked in…

Geometrical city 3d model project | Maths | school project |#goldenverge
Geometrical city 3d model project | Maths | school project |#goldenverge

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, but I knew eventually the craziness of school would catch up to me. I’ve been doing fairly well posting on Twitter, but the blog has gotten pushed to the back burner. Here are a few highlights since my last post.

We finished up parallel lines and transversals and transversals in Geometry. My favorite activity was Dance, Dance, Transversal. It was great vocabulary practice and just a ton of fun. We also completed our city design project which I’ve posted about before here.

Currently we’re working with triangles. One activity I liked was having students create a bunch of triangles with certain side lengths and angle measures, then comparing everyone’s to see if the pieces of information I gave them led to congruence or not (borrowed from misscalcul8). They had a little difficulty creating their triangles, but it was great visual for which pieces of information actually guarantee congruence.

The rest of my classes are progressing too. I’m really feeling the struggle lately of having ideas but having to pick and choose because I don’t have time to implement a lot of what I’d like to do. That’s always the case, but my one additional prep this year seems to make it extra tough to just keep track of everything that’s going on.

I’ll end with a few happy notes. Trig finished their unit over all of the identities and verifying. They did really awesome! This one student cracked me up with what he put on his test.

I also have had a lot of students absent lately for various activities. I was doing some morning tutoring with a group of students to catch them up and one brought donuts to share. Yay!

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