AlphaCat Invasions Guide

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EL MISTERIO de LAS TRES CERRADURAS y el KEYMASTER en Geometry Dash World/2.1 | GuitarHeroStyles

AlphaCat Invasions Guide

Recently AlphaCat added a fun new feature to get you and your friends playing together (and against each other) in a new social feature called Invasions. There’s a tutorial in game that you’ll want to follow along with, but in case you forgot or need a bit more information, here’s a quick guide to get you on the right track.

The first thing you need to know about AlphaCat Invasions is how to find and activate one. Finding them is a little trickier than you may think. First, you have to be playing planet 2-1 or later and, next, you need to find an enemy that is carrying the invasion plans. It looks like a little green gem on their icon.

After you defeat that enemy and win the level, your invasion plans can then be claimed and activated through the Invasions icon from the slide out menu.

Once you’re in an invasion, you can invite your friends (and even willing strangers) to give you a helping hand. Note that only you and four more of your friends can participate in an invasion at a time, so when those invasion invitations come, act fast and join up quickly!

You’ll have 24 hours from the time you activate your invasion to defeat as many enemies as you can.

  • Defeat one enemy and you’ll get three treats
  • Defeat two enemies and you’ll get a deactivated beacon
  • Defeat three enemies and you’ll get a golden crew member pod
  • Defeat all four enemies and you could even win epic treats or maybe even a paw coin!

Things to remember

  1. Don’t be a leech. There’s nothing worse than an AlphaCat captain that joins your invasion and doesn’t help out. Sure, you may get your rewards, but your friends will be less likely to invite you to their next invasion.
  2. Players that go the extra mile are awarded with additional gems. There are three MVP badges:
    • Best Single Score: Player who scores the most points in one single battle
    • Highest Total Score: Player who scores the most points among ALL battles
    • Final Hit: Player that gets the killing blow on the last enemy standing
  3. As the owner of the invasion, if you won’t be able to pitch in over the next 24 hours, you don’t have to activate your plans just yet; it’ll stay safely in the invasions menu until you’re ready to start. The only downside is that you can’t earn more plans while you have an active invasion or one is waiting in the wings to be activated.

Have another great invasion tip? Feel free to leave it in the comments.

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