Acura Integra

FAST and FURIOUS: FAST FIVE – Opening Chase (Charger, NSX-R and Trans Am vs Bus MC-9) #1080HD
FAST and FURIOUS: FAST FIVE – Opening Chase (Charger, NSX-R and Trans Am vs Bus MC-9) #1080HD

“Want to go for a drive?”
―Mia Toretto to Brian O’Conner

The Acura Integra is a minor car in The Fast and the Furious franchise.


1996 Acura Integra [DC2][]

Edwin's integra

Edwin drove a red ’96 Integra DC2 in The Fast and the Furious. The car was equipped with a Wings West RS Racing Series ground effects kit, Momo GT rims with red socket lungs, a heavily modified suspension, cold air intake, 3mm overbored throttle body, TruTime adjustable cam timing gears, Type-R intake cam, red anodized overdrive pulleys for both the alternator and power steering, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, DC Sports headers and exhaust, GReddy engine oil cooler, MSD 6A ignition and external HVC blaster coil, and an Exedy racing clutch and lightened flywheel.

1994 Acura Integra LS [DB8][]

Mia Toretto drives a blue ’94 Integra LS sedan in The Fast and the Furious. This Integra has a JDM front end. She uses it to show Brian her driving skills as well as to drop him off at his place.


  • Edwin’s Integra was rented from a man named Bill Kohl whilst Mia’s Integra was rented from a woman named June Shi which was totaled when her car was sandwiched in between two cars after being rear ended within a month after she got the car back.


  • Engine Specs
    • AEM Cold Air Intake System
    • RamAir Cold Air Intake Filter
    • DC Sport Engine Headers
    • DC Sport Exhaust System
    • GReedy/Trust Engine Oil Cooler
    • Neuspeed Yellow Spark Plug Wires
    • MSD 6A Ignition Unit
    • AEM 3 Millimeter Overbore to Throttle Body
    • AEM Tru Time Adjustable Cam Timing Gear(s)
    • Neuspeed Transmission Short Shifter
  • Suspension Specs
    • Energy Suspension HyperFlex Polyurethane Bushing Set
    • Specialty Products Camber Adjustment Kit
    • Neuspeed Race Lowering Springs -2.5″
    • Neuspeed Front Upper Tie Bar
    • Neuspeed Rear Upper Tie Bar
    • Neuspeed Rear Lower Tie Bar
    • Neuspeed Rear 19 Millimeter Sway Bar
    • Koni Double Adjustable Shocks
  • Audio Specs
    • Kenwood 9000 Stereo and CD Player with Removable Face
    • MTX Blue Thunder Pro 752 Power AMP (280 Watts)
    • JBL Front Speakers (GTO-602)
    • Pioneer Rear Speakers (TSA 1646)
    • Street Wires Battery Cables and Terminals
    • Street Wires Engine Ground Cable and Terminal Ends
  • Visual/Body Kit Specs
    • Wings West RS Racing Series Ground Effects Kit
    • Wings West NATCC Touring Car Wing with Brake Light
    • Wings West Front Grill
    • Roar Carbon Fiber Front Air Dam Splitters
    • Lettering Concepts Graphic Design and Decals
    • Neuspeed Schroth Auto Control Seat Belts
    • DC Sport Oil Billet Cap, Plug Wire Cover and Battery Tie Down
    • Neuspeed Transmission Shift Knob
    • GReddy/Trust Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Water Temperature Gauges
    • Neuspeed Embroidered Floor Mats
    • Performance Techniques Billet Radiator Cap and Clutch Reservoir Cap
    • Purosil Yellow Vacuum and Engine Hose(s)
    • MOMO Racing Pedals
    • MOMO Nascar Racing Seats (Yellow and Red with Side Mounts and Seat Sliders (Wedge Engineering))
    • MOMO Racing Seat Base Mounts
    • Folia Tech Brake Caliper Paint
    • Folia Tech PowerFuel Gas Tank Cap Trim
    • Folia Tech DTM Exhaust Pipe Design Film
    • Folia Tech Race Tow Ring Front
    • Folia Tech Race Tow Ring Rear
    • Folia Tech Driver and Passenger Side Floor Kick Panels
    • Folia Tech Red Leather Steering Wheel Cover
    • Folia Tech Carbon Fiber Design Film
    • Acura Blue Ionized Headlights (55 Watts)
    • Acura Blue Ionized High Beam Headlights (100 Watts)
    • Acura Factory Fog Lights Fixture
    • Acura Blue Ionized Fog Lights (55 Watts)
    • Performance Techniques White Gauge Faces (Overlay Only)
    • Weapon R Polished Battery Box Cover
    • Coyote Enterprises Red Powder Coated Socket Lugs (Wheel Lug Nuts)
    • Coyote Enterprises American Racing Flush Mount Valve Stems
    • Metcalfe Plastics Flexguard Front Headlight, Marker Lights and Fog Light Protectors

Tires, Rims and Brakes[]

  • Rims
    • Blitz Techospeed Z1 Rims 17″ – 7.5″
  • Tires
    • Michelin Pilot SX-GT Tires (205/40/17)
  • Brakes
    • Neuspeed/Brembo Cross Drilled/Vented Brake Rotors
    • Axxis Metal Master Brake Pads
    • ATE Blue Brake Fluid
    • Neuspeed Stainless Steel Brake Lines




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