Academic Honesty and Integrity

What Does Integrity Mean?
What Does Integrity Mean?

Academic Honesty and Integrity

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Academic Honesty and


When you as a student submit any work that requires research and

writing, it is essential that you cite and reference all sources used in

your paper. Including an in-text citation simply means paraphrasing

a statement from an article or text that relates to your paper, and

including the last name of the author/s and the year the article was

published in your paper.

For an example of using the APA format when citing a reference

source, you should end a sentence with these details: (Author’s Last

Name, year). Another way to cite the author is by stating this:

According to Adams and Orlandes (2019), …an academic paper is

clear and concise. The purpose for citing the author or authors is to

give them credit for their concepts and ideas which you are using in

your own paper (Adams & Orlandes, 2016). Adding a citation to your

paper is an academic way of recognizing writing taken from other


Sometimes you may want to include a direct quote of the author’s

ideas. In this case, you must state exactly what the author said by

placing “quotation marks around the actual words the author

stated” (p. 89). Please note that parentheses are included to

indicate the actual page number where the author’s statement can

be found.

Otherwise, keep it simple by paraphrasing in your own words the

author’s ideas you want to use in your writing; however, you must

ALWAYS include the citation at the end of your sentence like this

(Author’s last name, year). This is how citations should be included

in all your coursework. You may cite the author more than once in

your paper; however, you must use at least two different authors for

full points on assignments.

Failure to properly acknowledge your sources is known as

“plagiarism” – which is essentially passing off someone else’s words

or ideas as your own. University of the People adheres to a strict

policy of academic honesty and integrity. Failure to comply with

these guidelines may result in sanctions by the University, including

Discover more from:

Online Education Strategy (UNIV 1001)(UNIV 1001)

University of the People…

999+ Documents

Discover more from:

Online Education Strategy (UNIV 1001)(UNIV 1001)

University of the People…

999+ Documents

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