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How French Health Care Compares To The US System
How French Health Care Compares To The US System


“I see it all the time. Doctors are too busy to notice how much money is lost every single day – until it’s too late! They don’t go bankrupt but are TAKEN OVER BY LARGE HOSPITALS. These doctors then become employees working harder, earning much less and lose control of their patient’s care. It eats me up!”

HARRY BIBER CEO, Integrated Healthcare Management

With over 35 years of experience in the REVENUE CYCLE Business, Harry Biber has quickly transformed over 500 New York City offices from 6-figure into MULTIMILLION dollar practices. He is now focused on turning UNDERPERFORMING INDEPENDENT MEDICAL GROUPS into profitable practices.

Harry and his dedicated, highly trained team of medical billing experts, certified coders, compliance specialists, and claims denial experts have developed an innovative billing system. This PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE analyzes practices to determine pain points. Through step-by-step guidance and streamlining of all processes they can increase revenue by up to 40% while providing doctors with 100% transparency of their finances.

At INTEGRATED HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT, we truly care about doctors and their patients. Our goal is to meticulously analyze physician owned medical practices to reveal costly mistakes that hinder financial growth and diminish patient experience.

We are a 100% United States based FULL SERVICE medical billing, coding, and revenue cycle management company providing economically accessible solutions. Our complete management package involves no upfront fees, and we deduct only a small percentage from revenue collected.

IHM was established with the vision of CHAMPIONING INDEPENDENT PHYSICIANS. By transitioning underperforming practices into profitable ones, we reinforce medical AUTONOMY cultivating an environment where innovation flourishes and patients thrive.

what others are saying

  • I’ve dealt with a lot of other billing companies where you are just a number. I had to chase after them for answers.

    Before I met Harry, we had a horrible billing company. We were losing money from not having timely deposits and delayed payments. I almost closed my business.

    Harry came in and SAVED THE DAY. He came in and managed a lot of unpaid claims. One time, I remember we got a huge check back from one of the insurance companies. It was for multiple claims that were unpaid for over a year and a half.

    He’s honorable and cares about my patient’s financial hardships. He doesn’t aggressively pursue them just to make a payment.

    You think you’re saving money by doing in-house billing, but you’re not. Then you have to hire staff capable to oversee this independently.

    Harry has years of experience and expertise for this. As a vascular surgeon, I can vouch for him. He knows the vascular codes better than anyone I’ve ever met. There’s no way I know how to maximize revenue from coding and billing.

    -Dr. Toufic K. Safa, Senior Vascular Surgeon, Great Neck, NY

  • We did our own in-house billing until the office staff could no longer handle the overflow of all the work involved. Then we outsourced to a consulting firm. When they went out of business, we transitioned over to Harry. He came highly recommended by the nurse who assisted us in getting board certified.

    I’ve been working with him for the past eight years. I would give him high marks because he is trustworthy and genuinely cares about you and what he does. I think that’s his greatest asset.

    Harry understands the complexity of healthcare management and the nuances required to do medical billing correctly with very few hassles. He took the time to understand the scope of my practice, what was involved with it, the types of procedures we do, and the volume of patients. Then he set up a winning game plan to go forward.

    Harry also manages the professional billing for the whole medical facility.

    -Dr. David Henick, Otolaryngology/ENT

  • I wasn’t careful enough, and I paid the price!

    Before Harry I was lied to. I didn’t know. The billing company told me not to worry, everything was taken care of. But it wasn’t. When I looked back about a year, certain insurance companies paid zero claims. Some up to six months, zero were paid. Some in three months, it was zero. I was doing a lot of work. But the problem was, I was getting claims rejected because of coding. Claims were turned in late, bills sent to the wrong address. No follow up. There were 150 billings not paid. After he reviewed around 200 to 250 billings, I began to see results. He got money back from claims filed past the deadline. I was thoroughly shocked with some large checks we received. We got a check for $2,700 then another for $2300. I was impressed!

    Harry is very forthright, very competent, keeps me informed, and has proven to me that he is worth every penny that I spend on billing.

    -Dr. Henry Ferstenberg, Gastroenterologist, Rockville Centre, NY

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