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Brilliant Coupons

37 Brilliant Coupon Codes & Offers available

Brilliant was founded in 2012 by Sue Khim. The e-commerce platform is designed to teach STEM courses in a fun and engaging way. Here, students can pick from among some of the best classes on a subscription bases. Use the Brilliant voucher codes available on our platform and save up to 70% on your purchase. These discount codes are applicable for new and returning customers.

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Founded in 2012 by Sue Khim, Brilliant is an educational platform that is designed to teach STEM courses in a fun and engaging way. Featuring some of the best teachers around the world, Brilliant aims to make math, science, and engineering more accessible.

To make this possible, Brilliant has some of the leading instructors and researchers guide members through an exploration of deep concepts and principles centering around math, science and engineering.

Find some of the best courses including math foundation, computer science foundation, applied computer science, science foundation, logic foundations, college mathematics, and more.

Today, Brilliant is helping over 9 million students around the world to learn how to master concepts rather than memorize them.

To make this even better, Brilliant offers some of the best Brilliant coupon codes, now available on the GC Coupons website and app.

How to use Brilliant coupon codes?

  1. Visit GC Coupons’ official page and type ‘Brilliant’ on the search bar.
  2. Browse the page and find the best coupon to match your requirement.
  3. Once you find the coupon, click on the ‘Get Code’ option.
  4. The link will be directed to the official Brilliant page depending upon your country of residence.
  5. Browse through the website or app and select the course of your choice.
  6. Add the coupon code at checkout and redeem the discount.
  7. Make the final payment.

Customer Care Information

  • Phone Number: 650-458-2966
  • Email Contact: support@brilliant.org
  • Facebook Contact: www.facebook.com/brilliantorg
  • Instagram Contact: www.instagram.com/brilliantorg
  • Twitter Contact: www.twitter.com/company/brilliant-org

Top Courses Offered at Brilliant

The following are some of the top course options available at Brilliant. These topics are taught by some of the best lecturers from top universities.

  • Foundational Math
  • Software Development
  • Science
  • Foundational Logic
  • Data Science
  • High School Math
  • Engineering
  • Statistics and Finance

Brilliant Premium

Although most of the content on Brilliant is free, there are certain courses that are paid. These fall under the Brilliant Premium plan.

If opting for the Brilliant Premium plan, you can avail full courses. Without access to the premium plan, you can only view the first chapter of each course.

Other than courses, students can also gain access to staff-written quizzes. Find thousands of quizzes with unlocked answers to help study better.

All of the content available under the premium section is constantly updated for students’ use.

Student Age Group

Courses on Brilliant are designed to make math, science, and computer science fun. Students from age 10 years and above can access these courses. If a student is handling their own account, then they have to be 13 years and older.

Other than that, some of the courses are for a higher grade and so the access will depend upon the age group.

Payment Options

Payment options at Brilliant are available through card payment or with PayPal from their official premium page. If you are making the payment on their app then you can also use Apple or Google pay.

Payments packages can be for 3 months or a year.

Cancellation Policy

Brilliant offers a simple cancellation method. You can simply click cancel on your subscription setting page. Please note that cancelling a subscription does not mean you will receive a refund. Cancellation just ensures that you will never be charged in the future.

In case of any query, contact the Brilliant support team at support@brilliant.org.

Free Trial

Every new user is eligible for a 7-day free trial of Brilliant Premium plan.

To avail the free trial, visit the Brilliant page and create an account by providing them with the details.

Gift Plan

Brilliant offers you the choice to gift their premium plans to your best friends or family members. They offer two choices: 1-year plan and lifetime plan.

If you wish to gift Brilliant Premium to someone then head over to your Brilliant account on the website or app and select the gift page. Click on ‘Gift Now’ and add in the recipients’ details. Finally, make the payment and the person will receive the gift.

Deactivating/Deleting your Account

If you wish to deactivate your account, you can easily do so through the account setting page. Once there, click on the ‘Deactivate my account’ button.

Deactivating is a temporary method. If it is deleting that you are going for, then send an email to customer service requesting the same. Once deleted, the data connected to the account cannot be revived.

Unsubscribing from Email Updates

If you do not wish to receive any email updates from Brilliant, then you can easily opt out at any time.

Click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email page.

If you changed your mind and wish to opt back in, then click on the profile picture in the main page, select account settings, and go to email and notifications. Once there, select and deselect options as per your requirement.


Q: What is the best course to start with?

A: Brilliant offers its students with a range of courses. If you are unsure of where to start, then check out their courses page which will give you detailed instructions on each course. This will help you make the right choice.

If you are still confused, you can always contact them and request further details.

Q: Are there any free options in Brilliant?

A: Yes. There are a few premium subscription options available that are paid, but other than those, the rest of the content on the website is completely free for your use.

Q: Where do I get Brilliant Coupons?

A: You can get Brilliant coupons at our official GC Coupons website and app. These coupons can help you avail up to a 50% discount on premium courses.

Q: Does Brilliant offer refunds?

A: Unfortunately, Brilliant is a digital learning platform and thus they do not offer an option for a refund. So, kindly check prior to purchasing any premium content.

Q: Are there group plans available for classes?

A: Unfortunately, Brilliant does not provide group plans for school or class.

For any inquiries on this matter, contact their customer care representative.

Q: Does Brilliant offer lifetime plans?

A: No. As of now, Brilliant only offers annual plans.

Q: Can I buy a Brilliant gift card for someone else?

A: Yes. You can buy a gift card for someone else. Make sure that person is not using your account as a gift card cannot be bought and redeemed in the same account.

Q: How often are the Brilliant coupon codes updated at GC Coupons?

A: GC Coupons regularly updates its coupon codes at the Brilliant page. Head over to our page to get the latest offers on all courses.

Q: How do I purchase with a coupon code?

A: GC Coupons offers time to time coupons and deals from Brilliant. To redeem these offers, find the one that best suits your requirement and click. Your link will be directed to the page and add the coupon code at checkout to redeem this discount.

Q: Is there any referral program in Brilliant?

A: As of now there is no referral program available at Brilliant, but keep an eye out for any upcoming ones.

Q: Is Brilliant available offline?

A: Yes. You can avail Brilliant’s courses offline but only through the mobile app. In order to access them, go to the course you wish to download and click the download button. From there, select the offline option and you can watch the course offline.

Q: Does Brilliant offer a free trial?

A: Every new user is eligible for a 7-day free trial of Brilliant Premium plan.

To avail the free trial, visit the Brilliant page and create an account by providing them with the details.

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: If you forgot your password, you can easily reset it by requesting a password reset link. This link will be provided by customer care after confirming your identity.

Q: Can someone else share my account?

A: Brilliant currently does not have an account-sharing facility. If you wish to share your account with someone, then you can change your email and reset your password to transfer your account to another person’s email address. This step will be taken at your own risk as the other user will gain full access to your courses and material.

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