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Vocabulary Words For Kids | Words From Letter W | Words That Start with W
Vocabulary Words For Kids | Words From Letter W | Words That Start with W

List of Math Words That Start With W

Below are common math words that start with w.

  • Whole number
  • Width
  • Wave
  • Weighted
  • Worksheet
  • Wallis formula
  • Wheel graph
  • Well-defined
  • Wu’s algorithm
  • Wiener process
  • Wilcoxon test
  • Witt’s theorem
  • Wronskian
  • Weak convergence
  • Walsh function
  • Weighted average
  • Weierstrass theorem
  • Well-ordered
  • Weighted graph
  • Wheel theorem
  • Weak topology
  • Walsh matrix
  • Wave equation
  • Word problem
  • Weierstrass function
  • Winding number
  • Wigner’s theorem
  • Weak law of large numbers
  • Weighted mean
  • Wind rose
  • White noise
  • Weil conjectures
  • Weak solution
  • Walsh-Hadamard transform
  • Web graph
  • Weighted sum
  • Weibull distribution
  • Weak convergence topology
  • Wave function
  • Wiener filter
  • Waveform
  • Winding angle
  • Weak form
  • Wiener-Khinchin theorem
  • Winding number theorem
  • Weakly compact
  • Weighted matrix
  • Weak derivative
  • Wiener-Hopf equation
  • Webbing algorithm

Math Terms That Start With W (Divided by Subjects)

Geometry Terms That Start With W

  • Wedge: Solid formed by cutting a shape from a solid.
  • Width: Measurement of a shape’s side from side.
  • Wavelet Transform: Mathematical transformation analyzing signals in varying scales.
  • Weighted Average: Average where values have different importance (weights).
  • Winding Number: Measures how many times the curve winds around a point.
  • Wireframe Model: 3D model composed of lines and vertices.
  • Wulff Net: Stereographic projection used in crystallography.
  • Warm Colors: Colors associated with heat, like red and orange.
  • Waveform: Representation of wave’s amplitude over time.
  • Wireframe: Visual representation of 3D objects using lines.

Algebra Terms That Start With W

  • Whole Number: Non-negative integer (0, 1, 2, 3…).
  • Wildcard: Symbol used to represent any value or character.
  • Weighted Average: Mean with different values assigned to each data point.
  • Word Problem: Math questions presented in a real-life context.
  • Width: Measurement of the shortest side of a rectangle or parallelogram.

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