50 Coolest Geometric Tattoo Designs

Sacred Geometry sleeve tattoo
Sacred Geometry sleeve tattoo

Geometric tattoos are loved by many because they create a sense of balance, symmetry, and even mystery. Almost all designs can have a geometric element incorporated into them, making your chosen piece more interesting. For example, you can get a wolf tattoo that focuses on the animal’s lines and shapes, thus creating a unique finish, or you can get inked with something as simple as a triangle. Each option is rich in symbolism, allowing you to find something meaningful. In terms of placement, it really depends on the chosen image, and you can get a large and detailed inkling on your thigh or forearm or opt for a minimalist tat on your wrist. If you want to stand out from the crowd, keep reading to find all the inspiration you need for your next modern piece!

1. Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Geometric tattoos focus on shapes and lines and have an interesting and unique finish. A wolf tattoo design makes for a particularly eye-catching piece, but the animal is also rich in symbolism. The wild canine is often associated with loyalty and family. They live in close-knit packs, and their survival depends on their familial unit. Therefore, the wolf is a great body art choice for someone who wants to honor their loved ones.

2. Geometric Flower Tattoo

There are many variations of geometric tattoos, but some of the most common elements used are flowers. They can be expertly created using lines and shapes. Your creativity is your limit when designing the perfect piece, and you can make it as abstract as you wish. Blooms are also incredibly versatile, and depending on which flower tattoo you choose, the ink can take on different meanings. For example, the lotus is a symbol of enlightenment and purity, while the dandelion represents rebirth.

3. Geometric Lion Tattoo

If courage and bravery are qualities you value, you will be drawn to a geometric lion tattoo. The king of the jungle is a fantastic choice for those wanting to show that they are fearless. It can also represent wisdom and royalty. There are many different ways to depict this majestic creature in tattoo form, but the geometric style has the ability to make your chosen body art even more eye-catching!

4. Geometric Tiger Tattoo

The lion may be the king of the jungle, but the tiger is also a mighty beast. The stunning big cat is feared and respected by many and often symbolizes strength and power. In its natural environment, it is at the top of the food chain and can, therefore, also represent freedom. The tiger plays an important role in several cultures. In Chinese folklore, it is considered a protector of the dead, and it is the national animal in India. For your tiger tattoo design, you can choose to get just the tiger’s face or its entire body in many different design options.

5. Geometric Bear Tattoo

Do you value courage, endurance, and resilience? If so, then a geometric bear tattoo is what you need. The bear is a powerful mammal and is often symbolic of strength, with warriors proving their skills by wearing it’s skin. For some people, the animal also has an other-worldly connection. The Native American Shamans are believed to have performed rituals with the idea that the creature has links to the spiritual world. The mighty beast is also featured heavily in Norse culture; Odin took its form.

6. Geometric Fox Tattoo

The beauty of geometric designs is that there are so many different interpretations, making your ink even more individual. The style tends to work well when using animals or nature, and a fox makes for a visually-interesting tattoo. The animal is rich in symbolism and is associated with qualities of cunning and deceit. On the other hand, it can be linked to femininity and fertility.

7. Geometric Pattern Tattoo

If you prefer a more abstract approach to your body art, then a geometric pattern tattoo is what you need. The various shapes and lines can be expertly combined to create something that gives a sense of harmony, symmetry, and mystery. When deciding on which design works best for you, consider the placement and the size. A piece like this could be great as a sleeve tattoo or inked onto the forearm; the bigger, the better!

8. Geometric Rose Tattoo

The rose is a beautiful bloom, but it is also rich in symbolism. The flower represents a balance between pleasure and pain; although it is lovely to look at, the thorns can cause you harm. It is associated with passion, and women who are intense or romantic may be drawn to this rose tattoo design. Not only is the rose important, but so is the color you decide on. Different hues have varying meanings; for example, red is linked to love, while blue is more mysterious.

9. Geometric Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos are symbols of strength and wisdom. These majestic creatures are celebrated for their memory and are associated with intelligence, loyalty, and good luck. It is not hard to see why a woman would be drawn to a design like this; not only is it meaningful, but it looks super cute. It is also a very feminine animal to get inked because the head of an elephant herd is always a female. You can opt for something small or go bold with an intricate geometric piece.

10. Geometric Deer Tattoo

A geometric deer tattoo is a perfect option for someone interested in personal growth and new beginnings. The animal is often associated with beauty and grace. It is also a symbol of rebirth because its horns can renew themselves. A woman who has experienced troubles in her past may find this piece hopeful and remember how far she has come. When deciding to get inked with this meaningful design, consider getting it somewhere you can see and remind yourself of the importance of your decision to get it tattooed.

11. Geometric Owl Tattoo

Women who value knowledge and wisdom are drawn to owl tattoos because the nocturnal birds are associated with these qualities. They are also seen as a symbol of protection and often linked to mysterious and magical things. The owl is rich in symbolism, but it makes for a particularly interesting inkling, too. The animal lends itself well to the geometric design, and you can get a piece that is intricate and interesting. If you want body art that stands out, then this is the way to go. As far as placement options, the bigger, the better, so you can include as much detail as possible.

12. Geometric Bee Tattoo

The bee is a symbol of loyalty and dedication, and anyone familiar with these insects knows how they work hard for the good of the hive and their queen. Women who value these qualities will be drawn to a bee tattoo. When deciding on a design, consider adding other elements, like a honeycomb, which works well with the geometric style. It is also worth considering an inkling with a pop of color; this will make your piece stand out even more.

13. Geometric Cat Tattoo

The geometric tattoo style is incredibly appealing because it looks simple yet complicated at the same time. Although some people prefer to focus just on the lines and shapes, others like to include various images, such as animals, and what better option than a cat? Felines are associated with luck, mystery, stealth, and sometimes even death. There is a wide range of cat tattoo designs to choose from, so you can really make your ink unique to you. When deciding on your tattoo, don’t be afraid to opt for a large piece and proudly display it on your forearm or thigh.

14. Geometric Triangle Tattoo

Large, detailed body art is great, but sometimes, the simplest pieces are the best. If you prefer understated designs that still look cool, then why not get a geometric triangle tattoo? The shape may be basic, but it’s rich in symbolism and is associated with love, wisdom, and connection. It is also linked to the number three, which is a balance of truth for some people. Plus, each of the different corners could represent the past, present, and future. Considering this design’s powerful meanings, it is not hard to see why it is a favorite ink option.

15. Geometric Arrow Tattoo

Arrow tattoos are a particularly appealing choice for those who wish to symbolize strength. It can also represent a sense of direction, and if you want to remind yourself that you are focusing on moving forward, then this is the perfect inkling. The weapon is linked to Native American culture and was used for hunting and protection by warriors. The geometric design can be detailed or simple, but it is effortlessly cool regardless of the complexity. As far as placement options, the piece’s length tends to work best when inked onto spots like the forearm or the thigh.

16. Geometric Butterfly Tattoo

Why not embrace your femininity with a butterfly tattoo? For years, it has been a favorite image for women to get inked. The beautiful insect makes for a standout piece, but it is also rich in symbolism; it can represent transition, beauty, and freedom. Perhaps one reason this creature is so popular to get tattooed is the wide variety of designs and styles on offer. You can opt for black ink or go bold with bright, vivid hues.

17. Geometric Heart Tattoo

The heart is a powerful symbol of love and passion. It can also represent life; after all, we cannot survive without it. There are many reasons why someone would want to get a heart tattoo, including honoring a family member or reminding yourself to guard your emotions. When opting for a geometric design, an anatomical heart tends to work best as there are more lines and shapes involved in its creation. The alternative to the standard heart-shape makes for a unique inkling.

18. Geometric Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoos make use of patterns and shapes to produce a beautiful effect. It is meant to create harmony and balance and can be calming to look at. It is not surprising then this style works well with geometric tattoo art. Mandala ink tends to be best when it is large to ensure there is enough detail. When deciding on placement options, consider areas that offer more space, like the forearm, thigh, or back.

19. Geometric Mountain Tattoo

If you are passionate about nature and spend much of your free time outdoors, then a geometric mountain tattoo could be what you’ve been looking for. It is a symbol of travel and adventure but can also represent a journey. There are many different interpretations of this ink, but the geometric style helps create something eye-catching yet simple. You are not restricted in the size of the body art, and it can work well as both small ink and more detailed pieces.

20. Geometric Tree Tattoo

A tree tattoo represents life, eternity, wisdom, and endurance. It is not hard to see why women would want to ink their bodies with a symbol with such a powerful meaning. What adds to the appeal of a design like this is that there are so many different variations. It can lend itself well to various other elements, including animals or flowers, or be inked as a stand-alone piece. When it comes to creating a tree ink, your creativity is your limit.

21. Geometric Compass Tattoo

Do you love to travel? Or perhaps you want body art that inspires direction? If so, then look no further than a compass tattoo. When deciding on your ink, it helps to get tattooed with something meaningful to you, and this navigational tool is rich in symbolism. You can remind yourself of the goals you are striving for or how you intend to stay true to yourself. It can also be symbolic of the obstacles you have overcome and how you wish to stay on the right path. The geometric design can be incredibly intricate, which only makes your ink more interesting.

22. Geometric Minimalist Tattoo

There is a vast range of ink to choose from, but those who prefer simpler things should consider a geometric minimalist tattoo. The great thing about these pieces is that they have an effortlessly cool vibe. It can make a statement without trying too hard. Plus, body art does not need to be detailed or overly complicated to be meaningful. If you are a more laidback woman, then don’t be afraid to embrace that with an understated design.

23. Small Geometric Tattoo

Who says body art needs to be large to have an impact? Small tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular choice to get inked because they are feminine and delicate. Many women are drawn to these little designs, and they tend to be rather discreet. You are also not limited in terms of placement; for example, you can get inked on your wrist or behind your ear. The smaller options are great for your first ink, and they are less painful because they require shorter tattoo sessions.

24. Geometric Watercolor Tattoo

A watercolor tattoo is quite remarkable; it looks as though someone has taken a paintbrush to your skin and created a work of art. It is a bright, bold option, and one that really stands out. When combined with the geometric approach, it becomes even more of a unique design. The piece is visually interesting, and it is not hard to see why anyone would want to get a tattoo like this.

25. Geometric Sun Tattoo

The sun is rich in symbolism, representing strength, light, and rebirth. When deciding to get a sun tattoo there are many variations, and a geometric style is a fantastic choice. The star at the center of our solar system is depicted as a circle, and you can incorporate various lines and dots into the design, too. There is a good reason to choose this ink, and you can sketch something truly individual.


What do geometric tattoos mean?

Geometric tattoos often represent balance, symmetry, and mystery. The intricate weaving of patterns and shapes has become a popular option for both men and women.

What are geometric tattoos called?

As the name suggests, geometric tattoos relate to geometry. They are defined by the series of lines and shapes used to create them. These commonly include triangles, circles, and squares.

What do geometric arrow tattoos mean?

An arrow symbolizes strength and protection. It can also signal direction and can remind the wearer of where they want to go in life. There are many design variations, but it is usually rather abstract when the weapon takes on a geometric style, thus leaving it open to interpretation.

Why do people get geometric tattoos?

There are many styles of tattoos, but the geometric option creates a piece that is truly eye-catching and unique. Individuals who want something different that involves intricate patterns are drawn to this design.

What do triangle tattoos mean?

Triangle tattoos are often associated with the number three and can represent several things. These include the idea of the past, present, and future. The shape is also believed to bring about balance and knowledge.


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