40 Mysterious Sacred Geometry Tattoo Meaning and Designs (2019)

40 Mysterious Sacred Geometry Tattoo Meaning and Designs (2019)

For the person interested in a tattoo with a deeper meaning than just beauty, there is no substitute to a sacred geometry tattoo. They are among the oldest designs for tattoos, dating back to the days of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

The designs can also be seen in architecture, because they draw from nature’s inspiration and are deeply rooted in beliefs, religion and spirituality.


Most of these tattoos have origins in some of the most ancient religions, where they are used to bring about certain results. To date, people still believe in the meaning of the various symbols and imagery used, and this has led to a widespread application of these tattoos.

Meaning of these tattoos

Being deeply seated in superstitions and beliefs, you can imagine these tattoos have varied interpretations. Some people may be attracted to the design for its mere beauty, which is understandable as they are very appealing, but this doesn’t happen often.

Most people wearing a sacred geometry tattoo usually have one for the meaning it represents.

There are many different designs of these kinds of tattoos, but they are usually centered on perfect geometric shapes like circles and squares. More complex shapes, however are now being applied because unlike ancient times when they had few equipment, nowadays creating complex shapes is easy.

Among basic shaped, circles are associated with relationships and community while square based designs show stability.

When used together, it shows the balance between the two. Other complex and platonic solids such as the dodecahedron and icosahedron are used to show the complexity of nature and the universe yet at the same time a remarkable interconnection and unity.

They remind us that despite our differences, we are still connected.

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Types of sacred geometry tattoos

  • Mandalas

This is the most common design of sacred geometry tattoos and this is because it had deep spiritual meaning. A mandala basically is a circle contained in a square, but various modifications may be made to these basic elements to either add more visual appeal or meaning to the tattoo.

In traditional Hindu and Buddhist culture, the square had four gates, on each side, which would open up into the circle. This showed radial balance and some believe it shows our connection to the universe.

This design is not only seen in those religions, but can also be seen in Christian symbols like the rosary and Celtic cross. In this context, it is interpreted as the journey from the outer world into the inner sacred centre where the divine is found.

Perhaps this rampancy in imagery based on the mandala is the reason for its repeated use, but what still remains is that the wearer of the tattoo is the one who truly knows what it means to them.

  • The flower of life

This is another very common design, and ancient too, because it appears all over the world, with the oldest such design being seen in Egypt and dating back 6,000 years ago. It has since been a fascination among architect, philosophers and artists who try to determine its meaning.

In its basic form, it comprises seven of more overlapping yet evenly spaced circles. When drawn out, it forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon.

Some people believe this is the basis of all life form, including the human body and the energy systems. This is because it is identical to the cellular structure after three embryonic divisions, which is when a single cell divides into two, then the two create four and the four, eight, thus the origin of life.

It is therefore considered a symbol of the mystic laws of the universe, hence the growing popularity. However you may choose to interpret this design, there’s no question it’s very unique and meaningful. Other similar designs may be the egg of life, fruit of life and seed of life; similar but still a bit different.

  • The Gordian knot

Greek mythology has it that Gordius once secured his oxcart with a peculiar knot and dedicated it to Zeus. Many tried to untie the knot but couldn’t until Alexander the Great finally cut it with his sword after also failing to do so.

Although this could be just a story, the symbol has been passed down by musicians and poets to represent a tough problem, literally a problem with no solution.

No one has seen the actual Gordian knot, of course, but in its most basic form is represented by three interlocking rings, sometimes more. When worn as a tattoo, it represents the complexity of life and an appreciation that we may never be able to unravel the true secrets of the universe.

  • Genesa Crystal

Unlike the other symbols that have incredible histories, this design is actually pretty new. It was ‘discovered’ in 1940 by an agricultural geneticist, Derald Langham. During his research, he found that all life forms shared an 8-cell stage of development and the design, too, took on this principle.

It is seen as a circular geometric sculpture with rings oscillating around it, sometimes a solid is placed in the centre. It is used to promote health, harmony, emotional control and even mental clarity. Usually, it is found in solid form but more people are now wearing it as a tattoo.

  • Nautilus Shell

You’ve probably heard of the golden ratio, the ratio that governs all of nature. In the human body, the golden ratio is constant in everyone when measuring the length of your arms to your body, the distance between your eyes and your entire head, your torso and total height, etc.

Basically, it is considered as the basis for all of nature.

The nautilus shell is one such shape, and it follows the shape of the golden spiral. As such, it has become a standard symbol for illustrating the golden ratio and the fundamental measurements in the universe.

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Why these tattoose are so awesome

Artists and architects know just how much nature influences our own lives, even the built environment.

These tattoos remind us of our connection to nature, and how we shouldn’t distance ourselves from our surroundings. All this, of course, is in addition to the beauty and awe to be drawn from just looking at one of these tattoos.

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