4 Difficult Games To Obsess Over During the Coronavirus Lockdown

$100,000 Andrew Tate Vs Geometry Dash
$100,000 Andrew Tate Vs Geometry Dash

During this hectic time where nearly everyone is confined to their homes, you might find yourself getting frustrated. You have watched everything on every streaming platform, and you have cleaned every possible surface in the house. What else can you do? If you are running out of things to do during lockdown, I have four infuriatingly difficult games that will consume a lot of your extra time.

These games can be rather challenging to finish, but they don’t require any particular gaming skill. These games are relatively easy to operate. They’re not difficult to play — just difficult to advance and complete. So, if you are a noob gamer like me, all you will need is patience, because it will be a long adventure to the end.

1. Brain Out

The first game is called Brain Out. It was developed by Eyewind and was released last September. Although it hasn’t been long since it came out, Brain Out was topping charts in the U.S., Japan and South Korea toward the end of 2019.

The premise of the game is simple. You are given a brain teaser to solve at each stage, which become increasingly trickier as you reach higher levels. However, what makes the game fun and challenging is that you’re required to be extra creative in solving the puzzles. The stages are built as annoying riddles that give twists to what seem like obvious questions.

The questions could be as simple as “how many coins are there?” And at the same time, the screen might show a picture of three gold coins. Yet, the answer is not “three,” because the game is clearly asking you not only to use your eyes but also to take your brain out for some exercise.

I highly recommend this game because it has 225 levels, and it will take you days to finish them all. Brain Out is a great brain exercise to kill your boredom in a time of crisis.

2. Hardest Game Ever 2

The next mobile game I would like to introduce to you is Orangenose’s Hardest Game Ever 2. This game doesn’t have as many levels as Brain Out, but it is slightly more difficult. Hardest Game Ever 2 tests more of your motor skills than your logic. It plays with your reflexes.

Similar to the previous game, Hardest Game Ever 2 has different challenges at every stage, and they gradually get more difficult. The game can really make you scratch your head because it is designed for you to fail. For instance, in stage six, you’re instructed to slap a person exactly 37 times as fast as possible. What’s tricky about this is that you have to count in your head to get the exact number while tapping really fast, because if you’re too slow, you won’t be able to unlock the next level. I failed miserably at this phase, and it’s just the easy part. I have not even reached the normal stages yet.

Despite not having hundreds of levels, Hardest Games Ever 2 will keep you occupied for a few days, maybe even weeks. It’s surely a game worthy of its name.

3. I Wanna Be the Guy: The Movie: The Game (IWBTG)

The first time I heard of this game was around three years ago in one of PewDiePie’s YouTube videos. In the video titled “HARDEST. GAME. EVER.” he was playing a PC game called I Wanna Be the Guy, which he quickly got infuriated with. After that, I downloaded the game, only to give up soon after because of how hard it was.

Due to recent social distancing rules, I started to play the game again, and I would recommend this to anyone who has a Windows PC. It has taken my mind off of the terrifying reality. Instead, I am currently obsessing over this terrifying, 2D, outdated video game that was released over a decade ago. The game has surely survived the test of time.

In I Wanna Be the Guy, you are a kid on a journey to become “The Guy.” At every phase, you have to pass certain obstacles and maneuver your way to the next enemy until you finally go against “The Guy.” Since this game was created a long time ago, it doesn’t have difficult keys or techniques. You simply have to jump around and avoid whatever it is that will kill your character.

It is not a complicated game, but somehow, a lot of people have become enraged by I Wanna Be the Guy. There was a whole YouTube gamers rage on it a few years ago. You should give it a shot and get mad about it, especially if you’re into old school games.

Download: Windows

4. Geometry Dash

With a similar idea to I Wanna Be the Guy, Geometry Dash is a seemingly basic game with some addictive soundtracks. For those of you who prefer to play games on your phone — whether you don’t have a computer or are too lazy to turn one on — this game is a good option.

Geometry Dash does not have a storyline like I Wanna Be the Guy, but it has the same premise: You jump around to overcome hurdles to pass onto the next level. Each level has its own unique soundtrack and every move has its own rhythm too. Not only that, Geometry Dash allows for a lot of customizations.

Despite not having human characters, you can still customize your icon and change it to a variety of shapes and colors. Additionally, Geometry Dash also has a level editor where you can build your own levels as you please. The game itself has an abundance of really tough levels, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative and making your own. What are you waiting for?

Download: Android, iOS, Windows/MacOS

Nowadays, video games have become such a huge part of our culture that becoming a professional gamer and competing in esports is no longer taboo. In turn, the number of games available at the tip of our fingers can be intimidating — even moreso for people who were not originally into gaming. Games should be challenging without being difficult to navigate. That’s why these games are the perfect choices for newbie gamers who are looking for a new obsession in dark times.

Rather than getting frustrated over a pandemic, isn’t it better to be infuriated by a video game?

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