1996 Acura Integra Type R – As Fate Would Have It

(JDM) Honda vs Acura Integra Type R – Which Should You Buy In 2023?
(JDM) Honda vs Acura Integra Type R – Which Should You Buy In 2023?

There are many times in life when we experience brief moments that inspire us forever. These ripples in time may not be noticeable at first, but if you believe in fate, these moments can actually dictate future events. More often than not, these random events affect how we as enthusiasts build our cars. It could be an unexpected encounter with an inspirational build you see at a meet, a car you see at a show, or even something you see in a magazine like Honda Tuning. Life has a funny way of working things out. Today we will be taking an in-depth look at two Canadian Honda owners, with two very different stories-but as fate would have it, both men ended up on equal paths to build the ultimate Integra Type R that they both had once only dreamed of. Eric Daoust, owner of one of Canada’s premier tuner shops, sought to build an ITR once again after regretfully selling a previous R. Matthew Drost, a loyal customer of Daoust, longed to build another Integra Type R after an unfortunate accident destroyed his first.Though Eric has spent the majority of his life surrounded by Hondas, his upbringing might have steered him in a different direction. “I grew up surrounded by cows, tractors, and trucks,” Daoust explains. “How I got into Hondas I’ll never really be able to explain. I should have been driving a Mustang or an F150 pick-up, but instead I just fell in love with Hondas. The Honda that got me hooked back then was an ’88-’91 Prelude. It was my first Honda and I’ve never looked back since.”

It was that Prelude that set the rest of his life in motion. He was so focused on doing whatever he possibly could to his Honda that it often distracted him from his studies at Carleton University. “I became so involved with my car that I eventually changed my major from political science to study in business. It all worked out and here I sit today as the owner of Teknotik, one of Canada’s largest Honda specialty shops. Opening this business has given me so many opportunities to be around Hondas and meet great people.” While it was the Prelude that set the plans in motion to become a businessman, the Integra Type R was the Honda he had always lusted for. “My love for the Type R goes back many years. Like many of my generation, I spent the latter half of my teenage youth drooling over the mighty white beast that dominated so many pages of magazines like Honda Tuning. Years later the Type R is every bit as prestigious as it was then.”

“I remember when I had my first ITR. I had a blast with it and put over 60,000km on it before I sold it to move onto a different project. As the years went on, I encountered so many customers who had ITRs and I realized how big of a mistake it was to sell it. I knew that my next project would have to be an Integra Type R. I really wanted a truly authentic platform and that was the focal point of my build. I knew I wanted to start with an ITR that was imported from Japan. My shop specializes in importing Japanese engines and parts, so getting the car would be no problem. The only issue I had to deal with, which was a huge one, was bringing the car over and being able to register it in Canada.”

For those unfamiliar with the laws of our neighboring country, Canada has a law that prevents vehicles newer than 15 years old from being brought over from Japan. Registration would normally be impossible but with a bit of research and advice from a good lawyer, Eric was able to bring an ITR into Canada. Today, it still remains the only fully licensed and legit authentic right-hand drive Integra Type R in Canada. The only downside from dealing with all the legalities of importing and sourcing wasn’t the paper work; it was the beat-up chassis that arrived. Eric adds “beggars can’t be choosers so I was left with a molested, abused, yellow-painted Type R that was basically on its last legs.”Within the first six hours of its arrival at Teknotik, teardown had begun. The beauty of owning a shop like Eric’s was the availability of parts as well as space to work on his car. He’d already sourced a K20A to replace the beaten down B18C, but decided to shave the entire engine bay before the motor would go into its new home. “I’m so crazy when it comes to getting the paint perfect and having everything in mint condition. It may have just been a Championship White repaint, but the work was painfully detailed. Every piece of glass and trim was removed from the chassis before the car was sprayed. Doors, trunk, everything. “I probably spent more in trim and glass alone than most people have spent on their whole paint jobs.”

Eric and the staff at Teknotik meticulously tucked every wire in the bay. Patience was key for Eric and there was no real hurry to complete the Integra. “I cut zero corners when I put this R together. I worked on one section at a time, making sure I touched on every little aspect of the build. I have no regrets because there was no facet that was overlooked or left incomplete.” After completing the swap and tuck, he waited until the spring to install a Jackson Racing supercharger and BYS front bumper. “My goal was simply to build a clean, JDM-inspired Type R, while using the parts that we sell and promote at Teknotik. All parts in this build are authentic-you won’t find any “Mugen-style” parts here. Many of the parts I use are just parts that I’ve been hoarding for several years because I knew I would eventually build an Integra. I have a large library of parts and wheels for the car so I can constantly switch things up. It could go from a full Mugen kit on MF10 wheels one week to a stock ITR bumper with Spoon front lip and TE37s the next. I have five bumpers painted, three spoilers, three hoods, two complete exhaust systems. The list just goes on and on. I doubt I will ever build another Honda to this extent so it’s good to have such a wide variety of parts to always change things up and keep the ITR fresh.”

Bolts & Washers
Hybrid Racing engine mounts
Hybrid Racing K-swap engine harness
TSX crankshaft pulley
Jackson Racing Race Gen. IV JR62 supercharger
Password:JDM carbon kevlar Power Chamber
R-Crew K-swap exhaust header
Custom 3-in exhaust & V
Tig-welded stainless Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator as muffler w/turndown tip
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
OEM Acura RDX 410cc fuel injectors
K-Tuned black fuel rail
K-Tuned fuel fittings
K-Tuned in-line fuel filter
Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator
Ultimate Racing liquid-filled fuel pressure gauge
Custom tucked fuel lines
Mishimoto RSX fuel-length aluminum radiator
Mishimoto radiator hoses
Mishimoto 12-in radiator fan
Mishimoto RSX thermostat
Mishimoto fan switch
Mishimoto radiator brackets
JDM K20A Type R transmission w/LSD
Karcepts shifter relocation plate
Bully Performance Stage 3 clutch
Teknotik custom K-swap axles
Hybrid Racing stainless clutch line
Password:JDM carbon kevlar plug cover
Password:JDM fender washers
Password:JDM battery relocation box
Odyssey PC680 battery
Teknotik wire harness tuck
Teknotik engine harness tuck

PIC Select 12k/10k coilovers
Skunk2 Pro Series front camber kit
Skunk2 Pro Series rear camber kit
Mugen Gen. 2 front shock tower bar
Mugen Gen. 2 rear shock tower bar

Spoon Sports twin-block front calipers
Bremo brake rotors
Hawk HP+ brake pads
Earl’s stainless steel brake lines
ATE Superblue brake fluids
JDM 98-spec ITR 5-lug conversion

Wheels & Tires
15×7 Sprint Hart CP-R (+32 offset)
205/50-15 Kuhmo Ecsta Supra
T1R blue open-ended lug nuts

PPG Championship White paint
Backyard Special front bumper
OEM USDM optional Type R sideskirts
OEM USDM rear optional Type R valances
OEM JDM 98-spec HID headlights
OEM JDM Honda power folding mirrors
JDM Honda Access window visors
Ignited 6k HID bulbs

Cusco 6-point roll cage
Bride Low Max carbon kevlar bucket seats
Vision DC2 seat rails
Takata safety harnesses
OEM JDM DC5 ITR floor mats
OEM JDM 98-spec center console
OEM JDM 98-spec SRS Momo steering wheel
Mugen pedal set
Hybrid Racing shift knob

JVC KD-AVX2 head unit

Vince at Ignited
Kev, Will at Hybrid Racing
Donovan at Vibrant Performance
Jay at Teknotik
Steven, Josh, Craig, Kurt, Tyler
Remix, Neiler568758
J Tran (I finally beat you!)
Tom at MS Auto Collision
Mike, Brett
JDMRides.ca community

While Eric Daoust was busy building his dream Integra Type R, Matthew Stephenson Drost, a customer of Eric’s, believed he already had his. “I had a white ’97 that I had poured so many countless hours into building and boosting. I’d only had it for a year but I collected tons of parts and was almost done until someone took it away from me,” Matthew explains. “I was driving on the highway when traffic slowed down to a halt, I stopped in time to avoid the car ahead of me but I heard tires screeching behind me and I looked back to see a Ford Taurus flying right at me. The girl driving that Taurus smashed into me and sandwiched me into the car in front of me. She was dialing a number on her phone at the time and wasn’t paying attention to traffic in front of her. Luckily I had a solid roll cage that prevented the accident from being way worse than it actually was.” Seeing his dream machine smashed between two cars definitely created a sense of defeat within Drost, but he never let the accident deter him. The only issue that further delayed his plans to rebuild was the insurance company. A couple months and a few dozen headaches later, Matthew was allowed to regain control of his former project. He then removed whatever he could salvage from the ITR and began his search for a new project.

“The yellow Integra Type R I have now is basically a by-product of my last dream car. I had heard stories about this car from my friends the year before, telling me how clean it was and how low the mileage was. It was everything I was looking for so I had to check it out. I finally got in contact with the owner and sure enough it was every bit as amazing as everyone had said. It was bone stock, untouched, and so immaculate that I didn’t even want to modify it. I told myself that I would leave it alone and not mess with it . . . that lasted about a week.” “I picked up the car and within hours I started thinking about what I could change. I still had my old suspension, wheels, and a variety of Spoon Sports stuff I had collected so I immediately installed those. One thing I knew that I definitely had to do with this car that I didn’t do with my previous was the JDM Type R front-end conversion. I called up Eric at Teknotik and just a couple days later, I had one of the cleanest JDM front-ends that I had ever laid my eyes on.”

Excellence Auto Body was then called upon to install and paint the newly-acquired JDM pieces. While the Integra was getting a facelift at the body shop, Drost had Gord Bush Performance hard at work on a fresh B18C built to handle boost. The motor would have to be bulletproof to handle the forces of a Garrett GT3071 turbo. The motor received Gord Bush’s own block guards, Wiseco pistons, Eagle crankshaft, and Skunk2 Pro Series cylinder head upgrades. An oddly named “California Jay” ram-horn turbo manifold mounts the Garrett unit to the built ITR head. SG Motorsports was responsible for all the custom piping for the intercooler and other boost essentials. Matthew gives credit to his father for helping him reassemble everything and ultimately getting the car in operating condition. “Once my dad and I got it running, I turned my focus toward aesthetics. I had my newly painted Phoenix Yellow ITR front end on and I wanted everything else to stay simple and functional. I was really inspired by the Japanese Spoon Sports race cars so I built this R with the intentions to have it completely Spoon-themed. It took quite some time to collect it all.”

A Spoon carbon fiber front lip is mounted to the JDM bumper along with a Spoon Sports rear gurney flap. The only non-Spoon upgrade is a J’s Racing air intake duct, which is used to drive air to the oil cooler, and the OEM optional side skirts and rear valances. Inside the cockpit, you will also find more Spoon gear in the form of a Spoon instrument cluster, titanium shift knob, and steering wheel. Matthew was even able to source a Spoon Sports LSD. “Even though I lost my first ITR in an accident, I’m happy I was able to find such a clean platform to recreate my dream Type R. It gave me the opportunity to do some things that I didn’t get a chance to do with my first build. I originally intended to turn this into a track car but after looking at the final product, I just don’t have the heart to put it through that sort of abuse-I guess it’s just a show car now!”

Bolts & Washers
350whp @8.5psi and 94 octane
468whp @16psi and 94 octane

Innovative billet engine mounts
Spoon Sports torque damper
Skunk2 Pro Series camshafts
Skunk2 titanium cam gears
Ferrea valves
Supertech valve springs
Supertech retainers
Supertech keepers
Gord Bush block guard
ARP head studs
ARP rod/main bolts
Eagle forged crankshaft w/fluid damper
Wiseco pistons
Eagle connecting rods
Garrett GT3071 turbocharger
California Jay ram-horn turbo manifold
Custom SG Motorsports downpipe
24x12x4 Yonaka intercooler
Custom stainless intercooler piping
HKS SSQV blow-off valve
TiAL 44 wastegate
JG Edelbrock intake manifold
Power Products throttle body
Vibrant flat black muffler
Custom SG Motorsports exhaust piping
Magnaflow Cheater catalytic converter
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Bosch 1000cc fuel injectors
AEM fuel rail
AEM fuel pressure regulator
Spoon Sports spark plug wires
Mishimoto dual-core half-sized radiator
Mishimoto oil cooler
Spoon Sports limited-slip differential
Bully 4-puck Stage 3 clutch
8-lb flywheel
Driveshaft Shop high-horsepower axles

PIC Select 14k/12k coilovers
Skunk2 Pro Series front/rear camber kit
Spoon Sports front/rear shock tower bar

Spoon Sports front calipers
KVR brake rotors
Hawk HP+ brake pads
Earl’s stainless steel brake lines
ELF brake fluids

Wheels & Tires
16×7 Spoon Sports SW388 (+42 offset)
215/40-16 Bridgestone KDW

JDM Integra Type R front-end conversion
Spoon Sports 1×1 carbon fiber front lip
Spoon Sports 1×1 rear gurney flap
Spoon Sports mirrors
OEM optional side skirts
OEM optional rear valances
J’s Racing front air intake duct

JDM ITR Recaro seats
JDM ITR interior, Takata safety harnesses
Spoon Sports steering wheel
Spoon Sports titanium shift knob
Spoon Sports instrument cluster

AEM boost controller
AEM Wideband UGO, P28 ECU
Neptune data logger
Autometer Pro Series white-face gauges

•Special thanks to Eric from Teknotik for coming through on anything I urgently needed to get my build done, meeting me hours after his shop closed to drop off even the smallest part, hooking me up with space in his garage, and entering my car in all the shows to get it to the point it is now.
•Tony and Henry from DMT for letting me randomly show up at their shop late at night.
•Sasha from SG Motorsports for hooking me up with all my fabrication needs.
•Josh for helping me with my motor install at night in the dead of winder.
•My mom for actually supporting my car addiction and dad for the use of his garage. His patience and the hours upon hours of help and technical knowledge he was able to provide me!
•Lastly my girlfriend Stacey for putting up with me through this whole build!One Stop Shop
Eric Daoust may love his Integra Type R unconditionally, but his real baby is his shop. Teknotik is Canada’s premier one-stop shop for all automotive enthusiasts and you may have spotted their logo or vinyl sticker on more than one Canadian-built Honda Tuning feature car. Not only does Teknotik import rare Japanese goods from overseas, they also do just about anything else car related that you can possibly imagine; ECU-tuning, installs, engine swaps, and even custom fabrication, all under one roof. They also stock a wide array of aftermarket parts so Canadian enthusiasts can always find what they need with little to no waiting time.

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