15 Hypnotizing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoos

The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Arthur Benjamin
The magic of Fibonacci numbers | Arthur Benjamin

15 Hypnotizing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoos

15 Hypnotizing Fibonacci Spiral Tattoos

Fibonacci spiral tattoos: you don’t have a clue? Are you curious about the originality displayed by tattoo lovers in the world?

And for those who are mastering the concept, you would probably applaud those tattoo lovers… The story starts in the 13th century, in Italy. There, mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci found a sequence of numbers able to describe biological patterns, such as the perfect geometry of Nature’s products like fruits, plants and shells, using another famous concept, the golden ratio. Soon, the scientific application leaded to a wonderful tool for artists. The spiral representation of the Fibonacci sequence was used to get as close as possible of Nature’s perfection. It was used in architecture, but also contemporary music like rap or hard-rock, and indeed in arts such as tattoo art. A Fibonacci spiral is hidden inside the iconic painting Mona Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci, and many tattoo artists have used this mathematical pattern. And of course, maths lovers, geeks and people fascinated by science and Nature often get Fibonacci spiral tattoos. You don’t need a math degree to enjoy those examples of Fibonacci spiral tattoos, their geometric elegance, originality and creativity are speaking for themselves…

The Fibonacci spiral inside famous painting The Great Wave at Kanagawa by Hokusai, tattooed at Visionary Arts.
This geometric back tattoo by Tomas Tomas is using the Fibonacci spiral.
Lovely tattoo by Roberto Robs Bonfadini.
A creative mix of natural elements including the spiral and its sketch, by Mico Goldobin.
This amazing dotwork tattoo by Mark Hasselbach has something of the golden ratio for sure...
The Fibonacci spiral is used by tattoo artists fascinated by sacred geometry. Here an hypnotic spiral by Katia Somerville.
Graphic tattoo by Ka Ta.
Geeks lovers or best-friends are getting matching Fibonacci spiral tattoos... here by Jaya Suartika.
A graphic fractal by Jamie at Tattoo Temple.
A watercolor Fibonacci spiral by Guille Ryan via Tattrx.
Lovely tribute to Fibonacci, but the artist's name went missing, can you correct that in comments?
Close-up on a dotwork geometric sleeve by Dillon Forte using a shell pattern, connected with the Fibonacci sequence.
Another shell by Corey Crowley.
Amazing Fibonacci spiral shoulder tattoo by Cheo Park!
You can hide it in any design. Can you spot it in this tattoo by Ashlie Nebula?

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