11 Essential Leadership Interview Questions and Answers

Leading Yourself With Integrity: A Leader’s Trust Multiplier
Leading Yourself With Integrity: A Leader’s Trust Multiplier

Leadership interview questions focus on exploring and evaluating recognized leadership competencies and behaviors. The questions are designed to assess whether the candidate has both leadership skills and leadership potential.

Management and leadership differ in a number of crucial ways.

Effective leadership interview questions will require candidates to provide examples of how they have demonstrated common leadership skills and are asked in the format of competency-based or behavioral interview questions

1. How would your staff and colleagues describe your leadership style? Give me an example to support your answer.

The purpose of this question is to find out if the style is congruent with the organizational culture.

The perceptive leader is able to adapt his or her style to fit the follower’s, employee’s and organizational needs. Find out about the different leadership styles

2. What are the most important values and ethics you demonstrate as a leader? Give me an example of these in practice.

3. Name some situations in which a leader may fail. Tell me about a time when you failed as a leader.

A number of factors can fall outside a leader’s control such as:

If employees are lethargic and negatively orientated it can create a situation ripe for failure.

In answering strategic leadership interview questions that explore how you deal with difficult challenges, focus on how you were able to analyze the setback and seek honest feedback to learn from failure. How you used the difficult situation to encourage constructive questioning of policies and practices.

Show your ability to be resilient in the face of failure and to constantly work towards improvement.

4. What role does leadership play for a manager? How have you demonstrated this?

The leader’s role is:

5. Tell me about an innovative solution you developed to a non-traditional problem.

Innovation and creativity are key competencies explored in leadership interview questions. Effective and strategic leaders promote change and innovation.

Finding solutions to unique problems are facilitated by encouraging a constant information flow in all directions and emphasizing responsiveness to changing demands.

Get help with answering questions about creativity and innovation at behavioral interview answers

6. Tell me about a time when the going got really tough. How did you rally the staff and build morale?

Leaders build a sense of common purpose by promoting the organizational vision both internally and externally.

7. What methods have you used to gain commitment from your team?

Leaders gain commitment by influencing and persuading the team to set objectives and buy into the process.

8. All leaders have to deal with conflict situations. Describe a recent disagreement you personally had to handle.

Leadership interview questions that explore how you handle conflict are looking at your ability to understand and respect different views.

Get help with answering standard interview questions about managing conflict and handling difficult situations

9. How have you persuaded employees to follow your strategic vision for the organization?

This is a typical strategic leadership interview question. Leaders develop ownership by involving employees in the decision-making and planning process.

10. How have you encouraged the learning and development of employees?

Learning happens at every opportunity. Your answer to leadership interview questions like this should demonstrate that effective leaders develop employees by:

11. What was the most significant change you brought about in an organization?

Leaders can recognize new opportunities and anticipate long term opportunities.

Think about what the concept of leadership means to you when preparing for leadership interview questions. Look back over your experiences and select insightful examples of how you have demonstrated the competencies associated with leadership.

Leadership Behavioral Interview Questions part 2

Leadership interview questions often ask the candidate to provide a definition of leadership. The debate around defining leadership is endless and it is advisable to provide a simple and general definition that is largely agreed on. You can expand on this as you progress through your interview.

You will be asked leadership interview questions that explore your ability to:

Interview questions for strategic leadership include:

Strategic leadership includes the ability to innovate and drive an organization or people towards new ideas and directions.

The ability to:

are all recognized leadership skills.

Focus on your strengths when answering strategic leadership interview questions. Go to the comprehensive list of strengths to help you identify your personal strengths at list of strengths and weaknesses

Leadership interview questions include What are your strengths?

You will be asked some standard interview questions in your leadership interview. Be ready for these and come across as a prepared and confident candidate.

Use the excellent advice and guidelines at management job interview questions to help you succeed in your leadership interview.

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